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The AHA Mix It Up with Novatech

The Australian Hotels Association (South Australia) Awards for Excellence are presented annually at a gala dinner attended by the cream of SA’s hospitality industry and special guests. Having enjoyed a long and happy relationship with Novatech Creative Event Technology, the AHA were intrigued when Novatech’s Senior Project Manager Jayden Sutherland proposed a “pretty out-there idea” for the 2015 ceremony held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on 28 July.

“Back in 2013, we changed the design from a standard left-right screen presentation to a multimedia, multiscreen format,” explained Jayden. “But this year, we wanted to push a bit further. I came up with the idea to split the room in half with a 64 foot by 16 foot long stage, with tables set either side. The AHA loved the idea when we presented it, and was excited to take the risk.”

Above the central stage, Jayden and the team hung a double-sided 65 foot by 25 foot projection screen. Four Barco FLM HD20 projectors (eight in total) were deployed to cover each side of the massive screen, with pre-produced multimedia and a live four-camera mix handled by d3 Technolgies media servers.  All multimedia content creation was managed by Novatech and their European creative partners Dandelion-Burdock. As each of the 33 award winners were only chosen very close to the event date, Novatech used their d3 Technologies expertise to edit the content to fit the winners on a tight turnaround, without needing to remake videos. The final product was perfectly timed to the voice overs and music that Novatech created and recorded in-house.

After the awards were presented, entertainer Anthony Callea emerged onto a stage whose musical backline had been set during dessert, ensuring that the stage had looked as clean as possible earlier in the evening. Once the band started, two 24 metre by five metre truss grids covered with festoon lighting were flown in to create an outdoor bar atmosphere, aided by themed on-screen projections and  a working bar built in to each end of the stage. In addition to the central stage, Novatech erected a satellite stage with a clear view of the entire 850-strong audience for AHA Chairman Peter Hurley to deliver his address. Once the formalities had ended, DJ Tim Bos took up residence to keep the party going.

Lighting was provided by a rig consisting of 48 GLP Impression X4s, 20 Martin MAC Vipers 12 Phillips Vari-lite VL4000 Spots, and eight Phillips Vari-lite VL3500Q Spots, controlled for a High End Systems Hog 4. On the audio side, 18 elements of L-Acoustics Kara were hung over four positions, supplemented by eight L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers. An Avid Profile digital mixer handled both FOH and monitor duties, with on-stage audio covered by L-Acoustics 115 Hi-Q wedges and Sennheiser EW300IEM-G3 in-ear-monitors.

Novatech Creative Event Technology were responsible for all creative elements of the show, including the concept, theming, overseeing and delivering content, and talent management. This marks them out as a production company that can provide way more than technology and logistics. Novatech can bring their customer’s events to life in new and innovative ways, pushing their creativity to delight their audiences.