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Rundle Mall Management Authority
Voices of Christmas

When Adelaide’s Rundle Mall Management Authority were looking for a showcase activation for Christmas in South Australia’s premier shopping district, Novatech were thrilled to accept the challenge of what would evolve into a ground-breaking celebration of music in South Australia. Once briefed on the desired outcomes, Novatech, along with Professional Public Relations (PPR) developed a concept around the blending of recorded choirs being played back on big screens in the Mall along with live choirs and Voices of Christmas was born.

The Technical Director for Voices of Christmas, Novatech’s Leko Novakovic, finetuned the technical aspects that would bring over 30 choirs with 500 voices into the Mall digitally for the enjoyment of shoppers and retailers alike. Along with Leko, the Creative Team of Voices of Christmas comprised Carl Crossin as Musical Director, Andy Packer as Artistic Director and Ricki-Lee as Music Ambassador. Joining the Creative team for the very challenging task of content production was Novatech’s Creative Director Sam Wark.

A talented director, Sam, led the Novatech studio team in the shoot over several locations in South Australia (including Port Augusta) filming the choirs in their natural surroundings and performance spaces. Joined by Novatech’s audio engineer John Hall and content creators George Graetz and Ben Duigan, the team captured the beauty of the performed voice with which they edited in the studio for various songs in various configurations. The climax of Voices of Christmas was music ambassador, Ricki-Lee, performing “Hallelujah” live on stage in Rundle mall with a live choir of 120 voices in conjunction with the pre-recorded voices & faces of over 260 singers being shown concurrently on the large 11m x 3m LED screen – a spine tingling moment for all involved and in attendance.

For the next ten days, Choirs performed live on stage in Rundle Mall interspersed with the recorded songs from the various choirs around the state. This gave shoppers a moment of relaxation from their Christmas shopping to enjoy the power of the voice from talented South Australians of all ages and locations in one easy to enjoy musical haven. Technically challenging to create, compose and compile, Voices of Christmas certainly hit the mark as being a showcase activation to celebrate the festive season but more importantly the talent of South Australians in the only Australian UNESCO City of Music, Adelaide.