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Novatech has invested in state-of-the-art ‘disguise’ Pre–Visualisation – the only Studio of its kind in Australia.

With this stunning technology, we can plot, draw, plan and ‘create’ your event before one piece of equipment is loaded into a truck.

We take all the elements of your event – staging, lighting, vision – and create a literal 3D ‘live’ model of the event, so you can view it from any angle and experience what your guest or fan will experience.

The investment we have made in this technology means we can also supply audio predictions based on L–Acoustic’s world-renowned Soundvision software, which is particularly useful for large outdoor concerts, where sound is often an issue.

Further cementing our commitment to delivering this level of quality are software options which are available as part of this service including Wysiwyg, ESP Vision and MA3D.

In a nutshell, you can see and hear your show, before it has even been created at the venue.

We’ve trusted Novatech to be a key production supplier for over 10 years and Novatech deliver for Kojo every single time.
We use Novatech because their equipment is cutting edge, their people are highly trained and their systems and procedures are best practice.
If you want a passionate team who will nail your next event, choose Novatech.

Daniel Tippett
National Events Director