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When launching a brand, it’s all about creating excitement and engaging with new and potential clients. South Australian business Nexteel took this to the next level when launching to their Adelaide and Perth clientele by engaging Novatech and jennie bell ink to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The brief was to break the usual norms of a brand launch and create a series of memorable experiences that aligned with the direction Nexteel will be taking. jennie bell ink engaged Novatech to provide creative technology for both legs in Adelaide and Perth along with Campfire Content to provide custom content for each event.

Held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre & Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, entrance to the venue was from the loading dock, a point of difference normally reserved for A list touring celebrities. Winding through road cases, drapes and a custom lit entrance, guests entered the larger space wondering, what would happen next.

Once inside the venue, guests were greeted by a single screen which quickly turned into an array of seven large LED screens suspended at the stage end with pulsing content teasing them with what was in store. Once the crescendo was reached via a variety of videos and custom graphics, the arrows pointed to the side of the arena where drapes parted, and a backlit truck started to enter the space. As it moved into the space, custom content was projection mapped to the moving vehicle which came to a rest behind the side presentation stage.

From here, the brand was launched with the new logo again projected onto the trucks pan as well as the array of LED screens. From here, Aussie rock legends, The Angels, were revealed via the central large LED screen lifting into the ceiling where the band then rocked the crowd to celebrate the arrival of Nexteel to the market.

This event was repeated twice in Adelaide and twice in Perth to ensure all potential clients were reached and to ensure maximum impact & brand awareness. The use of technology in creative ways right through to how the venue was utilised, ensured the point of difference was reflected through to the launch itself.

Jennie Bell remarked “I have worked on a lot of events over the past few decades, but this one was extraordinary! The creativity Novatech employed to keep guests wondering what was going to happen next was brilliant. This event had it all – and Novatech was the team to delivery it! Superb job!”

Projection mapped trucks, moving vehicles, moving LED screens and a new way of viewing an entrance to the venue – a testament to the combined creative prowess of Novatech and jennie bell ink.

Posted on06.11.19