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There's Something for Everybody

There are plenty of opportunities here at Novatech. We are always on the lookout for new talent, and with a wide variety of roles across the business, there’s something for everyone. We offer full-time roles for secure & reliable employment with lots of benefits for progressive career development and a balanced lifestyle. However, if full-time isn’t what you’re looking for, our family-friendly and flexible workplace allows for part-time positions to cater to your individual situation. If you’ve been thinking about making a move, we also assist with interstate and overseas relocations. However, if you are from overseas and you’re not quite ready for the commitment just yet, we’d love to be part of your overseas working holiday to get a taste of events the Aussie way. We’re always open for a no-pressure, no-obligation chat – so get in touch with us and see what opportunities could be crafted for you.

Novatech Academy

Have you ever gone to a festival, concert or event and thought:

  • I wonder how the sound, lights and screens all work?
  • Who puts this all together?
  • How do I even get a job like that?

The answer is Novatech, and the opportunity is the Novatech Academy! We’re excited about kicking off the Novatech Academy in February 2024, supporting the next generation of Audio, Lighting and Video Technicians right here in Adelaide. Our Academy program is a FREE six-week course designed to give you a backstage pass to the live event industry.

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Pick your Flavour

At Novatech, we’re a team of skilled individuals who work on a wide variety of events. Whether you’re interested in working on corporate events, special events, indoor and outdoor concerts & touring, or even virtual production, Novatech has an opening for you. Every day is different and the type of jobs we work on changes daily. One day you could be part of an outdoor music festival mixing with global artists, the next at a corporate gig using cool gear in even cooler ways. If you’re ready to join us and make your mark on the world of live events, apply today!




Our Values


Employee Benefits

Health and Wellbeing

Novatech are always committed to the welfare of our team. That’s why we offer benefits and programs to ensure optimal employee health and wellbeing. As part of the team, you’ll always have access to fresh fruit in the kitchen every week along with annual flu shots and comprehensive health assessments.

We’re always looking for ways to support our team in both their professional and private lives which is why we have a confidential Employee Assistance Program that aims to support and improve the overall mental health of our staff. This service provides our staff with confidential, professional counselling and related services to assist in resolving issues that impact them.

CrewCare memberships have been purchased to provide our employees with additional support, which also includes various training opportunities. We occasionally hold mindfulness workshops for staff who are interested in learning simple practices to achieve mindfulness every day. With the aim of continuing our focus on maintaining a positive, engaging & supportive culture, we regularly have team-building activities with our team that have been hosted by professional sports teams and the Defence Force in the past.


At Novatech, we want to help you reach your full potential. That’s why we provide training programs that expand your mind and skills. We have access to thousands of online courses through our GO1 platform to allow employees the chance to meet not only their individual career goals but also expand upon their personal interests. We also have a full-time permanent in-house trainer that guides and plans technical training sessions both internally and from various equipment suppliers including L-Acoustics, Barco & disguise. Group and individual training are also available with an emphasis on leadership and professional development along with opportunities to use our equipment in the downtime to further polish your skills.

Industry-leading Remuneration Package

The industry has suffered during the COVID pandemic and we know how challenging it’s been for our staff. We’ve revamped our overall remuneration package, with a focus on rewarding high performance and loyalty. Additionally, to acknowledge the differences between working in the office, warehouse and on-site, we have introduced four extra allowances. This includes a production allowance, team leader allowance, project manager allowance, and an additional shift allowance. We’re committed to providing an enjoyable place of employment where you can progress your professional career and be rewarded for your efforts.


Reward & Recognition

We want to better highlight the hard work of our staff, and showcase to the wider team when people go above and beyond to deliver on our values and behaviours. We have refreshed our Rewards & Recognition program with a rewards platform that will ensure our staff receive the regular recognition they deserve from their workmates and managers, but also help offset the costs of some of life’s everyday items with discount and cashback offers at hundreds of retailers.

Working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment for long and odd hours can be tough; this platform includes a Wellbeing Centre which our staff have access to. The centre provides loads of expert-led tools and content that cover three fundamental pillars of wellbeing: physical, mental, and financial. These include tips, recipes, workout videos and guides to help our team reach their own wellbeing goals both at work and at home.


Employee Referral Program

We know that in an industry like ours, word of mouth means everything. We believe the best people to ask about new recruits are the people who work within the industry themselves. Our Employee Referral Program includes various levels of payments depending on the experience and skills of the successful candidate. Payments of up to $4500 are up for grabs for every referral that leads to a successful hire.


Family-friendly & Flexible Work Hours

Novatech is an enjoyable and rewarding place to work, but we’re conscious people have families, a private life, and personal considerations, so we encourage a positive work-life balance. All of our staff are unique and have different requirements in life which is why we have flexible work hours and arrangements.


Inventory – Our Gear

We’re always keeping up to date with the latest trends, cutting-edge technology, and continually investing in new equipment. We love to play with some of the best gear in the world, from L-Acoustics, Barco, GLP, Haze Base, MA Lighting, disguise, ROE Visual, Brompton, Shure, AVID, and much more.

Here’s a snapshot of our ever-growing inventory: View the Equipment Snapshot (PDF)

Access for Employee Hire of Equipment

All employees have the opportunity to hire any available equipment for their personal use, whether it’s for a birthday event, wedding, or even just to brush up on some skills.


Touring Opportunity

While Novatech are based in South Australia, we tour and deliver events across the country at both a corporate and concert or festival level. Enjoy the South Australian lifestyle whilst still working on some of Australia’s leading events around the country.