Ashley Gabriel Director of Sales & Marketing

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Ashley has 20 years of industry experience behind him and is proud to lead the Sales and Marketing side of Novatech.

“I came out of high school, studied audio engineering for a couple of years and then went in to full-time work. I’ve worked as a Technical Director and General Manager in a large international company which has given me great exposure to the industry at many levels.”

The self-confessed AV geek has covered a lot of turf in his time in the AV industry. “I’m really excited to be working at Novatech. They’ve got great gear, a brilliant reputation and I’m excited to tell their story. As a South Australian company, they compete on the national stage and are punching above their weight. It’s really great to see what two brothers started and what they’ve built Novatech into, how they operate, and the people and clients they attract. There’s a really good future ahead and I’m proud to be part of it.”

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