Carbon fibre Airframes & CB Series LED screens at Novatech

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Novatech is no stranger to LED screens with the technology rising in popularity on their event solutions over the past ten years and their current panels working on events as diverse as the locations they’ve been used in Australia wide. Always looking towards the future and listening to our client’s needs, the time has been approaching where the next high-end investment would be taken – and that time is now. Novatech are pleased to announce that they’re adding ROE VISUAL LED panels to their inventory.

In the fast emerging and changing field that LED panels are, the choice of direction in which to head is constantly evolving and presenting challenges to setup, flexibility and transportability. Novatech undertook comprehensive research with both clients, suppliers and global industry leaders in deciding what brand and design to invest into. ROE VISUAL has always been an industry leader with the brand having a devoted following in high end touring solutions by leading European users and indeed global production companies. Novatech are proud to be one of the production companies globally to invest two highly acclaimed products from ROE Visual, the combo of Carbon (CB5) LED panels and wind-resistant, carbon fibre touring frames, that are revolutionising the touring industry.

The AirFrame panels feature set include integrated cabling, rigging, flexibility, touring frames and quick assembly of large arrays with minimal labour. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are ultra lightweight and tour easily in a stillage configuration that lends itself as a convenient all-in-one solution for hanging, stacking and transportation. Using carbon fibre in the innovative design reduces weight, storage space and ultimately freighting space & weight compared to conventional frames. Along with the CB5 LED Air Frames, a fleet of CB3 LED panels are also part of the investment. Both the CB5 & CB3 LED panels are all powered by Brompton processing which is the industry acknowledged leader in quality and superior controllers for LED screen.

Novatech’s Managing Director, Leko Novakovic remarked “Throughout our history we have partnered with high end international brands such as L-Acoustics, MA Lighting and Barco. So, it was only natural at this appropriate time that we’re investing into ROE VISUAL & Brompton who are the acknowledged leaders in quality LED screens around the world. We’re excited to be third in the world to access the new carbon fibre Air Frames but more importantly, when combined with the Brompton processing, what these products can do for our clients and ultimately their audience.”

“ROE Visual is excited to welcome one of Australia’s premier production companies, Novatech, to the ROE family of global production partners. We look forward to a long-term relationship, with shared values of the highest quality equipment. We are certain that Novatech will enjoy great success with our Air Frames and other ROE Visual products across venues in Australia and throughout the expanded region,” said Jason Lu, General Manager.

Novatech’s latest additions hit the Australian shores over the next few months and will be set for the Australian summer of live events around the country.

Posted on23.08.18