Lightware's UBEX AV-Over-IP Solution Gets Immersive with Novatech

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Illuminate Adelaide
Lightware’s UBEX AV-Over-IP Solution Gets Immersive with Novatech

“Amazing, playful, awesome experience for the entire family! You come out feeling incredible joy! Really engaging and interactive!” – these are just a few comments from those who visited Mirror Mirror, an immersive art experience by Moment Factory held by Illuminate Adelaide as part of their incredible creative installation in the heart of the city of Adelaide from June 28th to July 30th 2023.

With Illuminate Adelaide, South Australia’s winter turns into a season to bring leading local and global digital artists to Adelaide using technology to activate city-wide interactive immersive experiences. For Mirror Mirror, a custom pavilion, 18m x 65m x 9m, was erected in the centre of the CBD in Victoria Square to create a custom home for the activation.

The immersive art experience Mirror Mirror was created and produced by Moment Factory. With their breathtaking content across ‘Forest of Echoes’ through ‘Intelligent Window’ down to ‘River of Now’, and further into ‘Mirrors of Tomorrow’, the team from Moment Factory engaged each visitor in an individual dazzling experience allowing people to unleash their imagination and rekindle their wonder and love for beauty within themselves and the surrounds.

Novatech Creative Event Technology offered a technical solution for Mirror Mirror in a collaborative partnership with Moment Factory & Illuminate Adelaide. Novatech supplied key items of the project’s equipment including audio, lighting and vision elements working hand-in-hand with Moment Factory’s custom media servers and world leading interactive technology. For content delivery, Novatech confidently opted for Lightware’s technology, tested by years of the most challenging live event installations. They deployed Lightware’s UBEX AV-over-IP solution for transport of signals from the central control room across to six various zones.

Each zone had varying visual elements provided via various technology formats including projection using Barco UDM & UDX projectors, ROE Visual LED screens, and LED strips that were all running custom, interactive content. Each zone relied on UBEX devices delivering signal directly to the equipment both suspended 10m in the air and at various spots around the Pavilion. UBEX devices were used for all network control as well as primary and backup signals, which provided the flexibility and reliability required for an event running over five weeks. It also allowed for multiple uses of the fibre optic backbone that Novatech ran around the venue.

With Lightware’s 18 units of UBEX-PRO20- HDMI-F120, Novatech ensured delivery of uncompressed content at zero latency and smooth integration with network equipment which spared them running a separate network. All multiple installation zones across the setup were remotely managed and controlled via the network for all parameters including powering on/off, real-time device monitoring and management as well as using to tweaking focus across the projection blends given the temporary nature of the structure.

Using the UBEX’S dual network ports, each being utilised on a dedicated network switch, Novatech provided complete redundancy for all signals (should the primary source fail).

Leko Novakovic, Managing Director of Novatech Creative Event Technology says:

“UBEX has changed the game in the large-scale signal delivery for our larger projects. Over the past four years, we’ve deployed them on a variety of sites including demanding outdoor events sites across Australia. We had confidence that UBEX was the best choice for 100% reliable and versatile delivery of critical program, control and content signals for a long- running activation.”


Photos Credit | Tyr Liang Xplorer Studios