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Whilst Novatech is well-known for building shows and installing equipment that brings an event to life, our designers also like to get involved in what actually appears on the screens.

Our Content Studio has the latest hardware and software available and our skilled designers have the technology & experience in live events to prepare the vision for your show in the best formats for the designed specifications.

Whether it involves editing existing material or creating new content, our design team can do the job. We can also design and develop original animations and have the equipment to shoot raw vision. This creative side of the business complements our technical expertise and offers a full package of content and equipment.

The Novatech team delivered exceptional content and service with short lead times, ever changing parameters and, what was an ambitious event project execution became a reality with a minimum of fuss. The attention to detail within the digital projection mapping for this historic and, rarely used venue was an absolute standout.

Scott Ireland
InFront Events Australia