Elevating the Australian Open with L-Acoustics SYVA

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The Australian Open in Melbourne saw a new star this year: the L-Acoustics SYVA audio system taking centre stage at Grand Slam Oval. Like the traditional white attire of tennis players, SYVA brought a modern look in white with its sleek design and cutting-edge technology.

SYVA’s versatility has shone through over the past 5 years where Novatech has innovated and taken beyond it’s intended indoor concert hall use into the great outdoors where it has provided crystal clear sound across various event sites like the Santos Tour Down Under and Vivid Sydney. Its latest stint at the Australian Open’s Grand Slam Oval further solidified its reputation as the discrete solution for super smooth event site wide audio.

This time, SYVA pumped out DJ tunes while delicately balancing the tennis action, creating an immersive experience for spectators where the sound was consistent across the event site regardless of program content and surrounding atmosphere. The Grand Slam Oval was transformed into a hub for food & beverages and top-notch entertainment, all enhanced by SYVA’s audio prowess.

In summary, SYVA didn’t just provide sound; it elevated the experience at Australian Open, leaving a lasting impression on tennis enthusiasts. Novatech relishes opportunities to innovate the event experience and this was one such amazing opportunity. With its performance, SYVA proved to be a game-changer in audio excellence, truly winning the match.

Posted on27.03.24