First in Australia with L-Acoustics X15 HiQ

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Novatech Creative Event Technology has continued its tradition of market leadership by being the first rental company in Australia to take delivery of L-Acoustics new X15 HiQ reference stage monitors. Weighing 30% less than its popular predecessor, the X15 HiQ uses a three-inch compression driver and a 15-inch LF transducer in a coaxial design, powerfully reproducing from 55 Hz to 20 kHz, with a tight dispersion angle of 40°x 60°and flat tonal response free of lobes to virtually eliminate feedback.

Novatech now stock 24 units of X15 HiQ, giving them the ability to cover the monitoring needs of the biggest stages, or deploy their low-profile design into the subtlest of distributed FOH applications. The X15 HiQ weighs just 21kg, and is equipped with ergonomic handles, a pole-mount and optional rigging accessories offering huge flexibility for its deployment. As a stage monitor, its built-in risers allow monitor engineers to choose between a monitoring angle of 35° or 55°.

“Following on from the enormous success of the L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ, we were incredibly excited to hear about the new X15 HiQ,” said James Sacca, Production Manager at Novatech. “With its decreased weight, increased low-end performance and sleek new design, there’s no doubt that like its predecessor, the X15 HiQ will become a staple for monitor engineers around the world in no time.”

“The challenge in creating the X Series was to bring all of the experience we gained in designing the K2 to bear on a new series of reference coaxials,” said Christophe Combet, Head of Acoustics and Instrumentation at L-Acoustics. “We set out to rethink the design, ergonomics, acoustical performance and weight. We used new carpentry techniques to optimise internal volumes, maximize bass and eliminate vibrations. This, along with the use of neodymium, allowed us to decrease weight by up to 30 percent in the X12 and X15 HiQ. We designed a new, aerodynamic form with a slender, low profile that will effortlessly integrate into the set when used as a monitor, all while giving a profound feeling of power.”

“In addition to implementing L-Vents to improve the low frequency performance, we also designed a brand new type of waveguide,” continued Christophe. “Thanks to its ellipsoid shape, we can generate both horizontal and vertical directivity, with no acoustic compromise in applications. Furthermore we settled for nothing less than powerful, linear, reliable and fully mastered coaxial components – the best on the market. As with all L-Acoustics products, we paid special attention to geometrical and acoustical compatibility within the series and ensured that all enclosures have the same functional and ergonomic assets to make them easy to deploy.”

Posted on23.02.16