Novatech Creative Event Technology joins the elite global AV Alliance

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have cemented their reputation for excellence in live event production by joining the AV Alliance, a global network of leading event equipment rental companies. Membership of the AV Alliance is by invitation only, and its strict standards are maintained by regular inspections. AV Alliance members must provide the highest level of customer service at competitive prices, use only state-of-the-art technology, and adhere to international best practices in health and safety. The AV Alliance ensures customers will always receive the best possible support for their events anywhere in the world.

AV Alliance’s Quality Seal dictates that all members must be full-service AV companies, providing lighting, video, sound, IT, communications and rigging equipment, backed up by full-time technical specialists. All installation, operation, support and removal of equipment must be carried out by highly qualified staff, delivered via the company’s vehicle fleet, from its own warehouse of properly maintained, high quality products.

“Joining the AV Alliance isn’t just a great opportunity for Novatech to be recognised as a leader in our field,” said Novatech’s Director of Business Operations Dior Yarwood. “It’s also great for the Australian production industry, and it’s fantastic for South Australia. It allows us to collaborate with some of the world’s leading production companies, sharing ideas and resources. Most importantly it gives our clients the confidence and strength to take their event anywhere in the world and receive the same quality and service they deserve.”

Melbourne-based AV Alliance board member and Managing Director of AV Dynamics, Peter Worth personally inspected Novatech before their admission to the group to ensure that their criteria for inclusion were met. “The process involves a thorough analysis of the business,” explained Peter. “We talk to executive management about procedures, policy and business culture. We assess technology investments and R&D, tour all facilities and collect showcases and data. The results are then submitted to the full board for approval. Our compliance and governance is in place in order to maintain elite levels of service.”

“Through my activities with the AV Alliance, I have had the privilege of visiting some of the biggest and most successful production companies in the world,” Peter continued. “Novatech is more than holding its own in comparison. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their purpose-built facility, their visualisation and production studios, right down to the level of systemisation in their warehouse. Novatech have more than earned the right to stand side-by-side with the global leaders of the production industry.”

Posted on23.03.15