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Novatech Creative Event Technology live by our name. Using technology in creative ways for events. This is especially so with the Australian first use of virtual reality for advanced pre-visualisation of events spaces. Using the UK’s d3 technologies cutting edge suite of software & hardware, we now able to take our clients one step further in their planning for the ultimate event.

Currently, event organisers can view what their event space may look like using our dedicated pre-visualisation suite. This includes the screen configuration, table layout and even what the multimedia may look like across the displays. However, using Virtual Reality headsets and d3’s latest generation of software, we can now transport the client INSIDE the virtual room to give them the experience of what the room not only looks like, but ‘feels’ like.

They are now able to ‘wander’ around the event space using real footsteps and a “transportation” wand to dart between areas or indeed rooms. Are the screens too big? Does the content lack impact? Are the speakers hanging in the way? Are there any poor sight lines from specific seats? All of these items can be seen in real time and at every conceivable angle at the client’s discretion.

Clients now have the tools to plan for just about every eventuality which not only saves on time, cost and labour but ultimately improves the end product and technology solution for the event. This maximises the value gained from their event technology ensuring their message is conveyed, and absorbed, in the most effective way possible.

Scott Ireland, Managing Director of InFront Events Australia said “Being able to show our clients what the room may look like has always been important and beneficial to us. Having the ability to now use virtual reality to place our client in the room so they not only see but feel what the room and setup is being proposed, not only blows their mind but instils confidence going into the event. Novatech has always innovated with technology and this is no exception.”

See your events come alive from your dreams right through to reality with the new advanced pre-visualisation virtual reality system made for you. Available now for events throughout Australia via Novatech Creative Event Technology.

Posted on07.06.18