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Novatech are in the business of presenting clients’ brands in their best possible light. They do this in a variety of locations, environments and working conditions across Australia. Just as they’re conscious how the audience will perceive their clients’ brand, Novatech have always prided themselves on their staff’s presentation. Novatech have a reputation around Australia for the professional presentation of their staff & equipment so when it came time to consider a new uniform, it was only natural that considerable time and energy were invested to ensure a brilliant outcome.

The new uniform not only had to look good, at all times even in tough, dirty and demanding working conditions, it had to be comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and contribute to Novatech’s strong commitment to workplace safety. Recognising that their strength is in events and not clothing, and rather than just settling for off-the-shelf solutions, Novatech needed to engage an expert who could help design a new suite of clothing that would meet the above objectives.

As a proud South Australian company for over 16 years, it was clear that a South Australian solution best fit their business ethos and is why Liza Emmanuel was chosen to act as a consultant to not only design but also produce all elements of the new uniform. Liza has a proud design history with national recognition for her work in the bridal & couture field. This was indeed a new challenge for her – and one she was invaluable to the overall process. About the project, Liza commented “I have had the privilege of working with Leko, Menk, Renae and their fantastic team on many fashion and private events for over 15 years. They are industry leaders, and I have loved watching their incredible rise. I am very proud to have been invited to design the new uniforms which I hope showcase the exciting, versatile and quality company they represent”.

Firstly, a focus group of a cross section of staff was established to discover what worked & what didn’t work out on event sites and what the crew would like to see in a new uniform. This was followed by a series of workshops with Liza to not only take this feedback on board but to work out what items were needed, what materials might be best to use and what safety standards needed to be considered to deliver the best possible outcome all round. Once a variety of designs were produced, prototypes were ‘road-tested’ by crew to test the wear, tear and comfortability of each piece. This process took time but was time well invested to ensure the end product would be long lasting, easy to maintain and allow the staff to perform at their peak.

One example of the detail invested into the new range was the high visibility vest to be worn in dangerous and high activity worksites. In-depth research was undertaken into the Australian standards for work site high visibility requirements which were then overlayed onto a tailored version of a high vis vest. The end result is almost a fashion statement in itself. From the stylish cut to the built-in pockets for storage to the reflective strips to keep their staff safe and visible, the result is a testament to close collaboration and a consultative approach.

From January 1st 2018, the new range was rolled out to their staff ready for the demanding summer of festivals, special events and corporate events ahead. As well as the extreme temperatures that the crew (and uniform) need to perform in during the warmer months, the staff are well equipped for the colder months with the apparel including a range of jackets and hoodies that can be adapted to keep the crew warm by clever tricks such as a jacket turning into a vest when required. From freezing cold to searing heat, the Novatech staff are sure to be kept safe and comfortable all at the same time continuing the professional and stylish image that event crew should be known for.

Posted on02.02.18