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Novatech proudly debuted the first use of L-Acoustic’s new L-ISA Hyperreal Sound Technology for a live event in the southern hemisphere in conjunction with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in South Australia, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ in Concert was enhanced for the audience by a new way of delivering sound reinforcement – L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Hyperreal Sound.

Whilst major advances in video and lighting technology have kept increasing the visual experiences for audiences around the world over the past twenty years, sound has remained the domain of conventional left and right stereo audio systems. L-Acoustics is leading the change to a revolutionary & radical improvement that promises highly memorable sound experiences for the audience. The culmination of years of research and development aimed at improving the live concert experience, the introduction of L-ISA Hyperreal Sound is set to change the way audiences experience sound at live events.

L-ISA connects the audience to the performance by delivering sound that matches what they see to what they hear. Sound that is clear, natural and highly intelligible. Sound that more accurately depicts the spatial location of the instruments and artists, creates a vibrancy and immediacy that has been lacking in conventional live amplified audio. Artists, such as symphony orchestras, now have the technology at their disposal to more faithfully recreate how the composer intended the audience to engage with their music on a larger scale and in more varieties of venues.

For over a decade, Novatech has been a proud user of L-Acoustic audio systems for events of all sizes and scope around Australia, from music festivals to live concerts and corporate events to name a few. As a keen innovator and early adopter of creative event technology, Novatech have always endeavoured to improve the experience for guests and artists alike and have invested heavily into new technology over the years. Therefore, it was only natural that when L-ISA was released to market, Novatech looked for opportunities where this ground-breaking technology could be deployed in Australia. The search quickly focused onto one of Novatech’s long-time partners, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, who have gained a reputation for their outstanding contribution to the world of music. It was a natural fit as the nature of the entertainment perfectly matches the application of L-ISA.

Novatech was heavily supported from L-Acoustics, who despatched technicians to assist in the planning and delivery of this historic event in Australia. Novatech deployed a suite of technology to handle & deliver 126 input channels & 96 L-ISA Objects including:

  • FOH System – 84 x L-Acoustics Kara, 10 x SB28, 24 x Kiva II and 12 x Kiva
  • Monitor System – 10 x X15 HiQ & 8 x X8
  • Control – 1 x Digico SD10 at FOH, 1 x AVID S6L at monitors and 3 Optocore Optical Loops

Combined with the stunningly large 60ft x 25ft projection screen running crystal clear 4K images via 4 x Barco UDX 4K-32 laser projectors and a disguise 4 x 4 pro server, the event was a spectacle for both the eyes and ears.

Novatech’s Production Manager, James Sacca, remarked “L-Acoustics is the backbone of our audio inventory as they supply extraordinary support as well as globally renowned loudspeakers at the highest quality and standard. We are excited by the introduction of L-ISA and were keen to bring it to Australia for a live performance so it was natural fit to partner with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra for the Southern Hemisphere first. As always, L-Acoustics were professional to deal with and extremely supportive as we planned this technically complex event.”

Vince Ciccarello, CEO of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra commented “Novatech work closely with us as our technology partner to bring the sounds of the orchestra to audiences both small and large. We were thrilled and excited to learn of the new L-ISA technology that would more faithfully engage our artists with the audience and are proud to be a part of this collaboration with Novatech & L-Acoustics.”

“As we roll out our L-ISA technology, we look to trusted partners around the globe who have the drive and creative vision to innovate alongside us,” added Tim McCall, Regional Sales Manager at L-Acoustics. “Novatech have a history of always embracing new technologies to bring a little extra to their shows, so combining this passion and experience with a full symphony orchestra & L-ISA Hyperreal Sound is going to bring a more natural & vibrant experience to the audiences of Australia for the first time. Watch out Adelaide, you’re making history!”

The revolution has started with artists and events around the globe using L-ISA in a variety of performances. Novatech is proud of their innovative and creative heritage and were pleased to use the latest in sound experience for audiences of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Photo credit – David Solm Photography


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