Novatech first in Australia to invest in the GLP X4 Atom; the little light with big possibilities

Home News Novatech first in Australia to invest in the GLP X4 Atom; the little light with big possibilities

Novatech Creative Event Technology have become the first Australian owners of the X4 Atom, an innovative new fixture from German Light Products (GLP). At a tiny 16.9cm deep and weighing in at just 1.4kg, this high output quad colour LED is IP65 rated, has an amazing 34-3.4 degree zoom range, and uses a unique rigging system allowing units to be locked together and rigged in almost any imaginable line, grid or shape. Up to 12 units can be fed power and data from an external supply over standard 4-pin cable, making the X4 Atom not only flexible, but easy to use.

“Sometimes you get that feeling, and you know that it’s going to be a good, successful product,” says Novatech’s Managing Director, Leko Novakovic. “Novatech have purchased 48 units of X4 Atom, and four external power and control units. In addition to their creative potential, the X4 Atom’s optics and colour output match the rest of our existing inventory of GLP fixtures.”

The X4 Atom is destined to become popular in theatrical applications due to its discreet size and silent operation, easily hidden in sets or mounted on side booms. Concert tours in the 1000-2000 capacity range are also sure to find a place for the X4 Atom, with their flexible rigging, creative range of looks, light weight and easy pack make them unbeatable value for money. Corporate customers will appreciate the X4 Atom for the new highlights it gives their stages, from washes as footlights, to arrays of beams shone from unique shapes.

Novatech’s X4 Atom rig has already had its first successful outing, used to add a variety of looks to the Herbalife 2016 Spectacular in Adelaide. “We ran three groups of 12 X4 Atoms along some rear, centre and angled truss used for video screens,” relates Leko. “It was a big room, but they were more than competitive in terms

Posted on02.02.16