Novatech gets the LED out with Ayrton, and updates a legend with Clay Paky

Home News Novatech gets the LED out with Ayrton, and updates a legend with Clay Paky

Novatech Creative Event Technology have affirmed their company-wide commitment to using the latest high-quality equipment by investing in 24 Ayrton Diablo and 24 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures for their lighting inventory. Both luminaires represent the latest in technology, with the broad uptake on both models globally signalling their value and utility to LDs and rental houses across industry sectors.

“At Novatech, we tend to use winter as a planning period for the upcoming busy summer season,” explains Leko Novakovic, Managing Director. “Capex is part of this process, and this year it was our lighting department’s turn! After investing in MA Lighting grandMA3 consoles, we were ready to step into the moving LED fixture market. This is a technology that has been evolving quickly, and we feel these two models have a great feature set for our customers, are extremely practical to deploy and maintain for our staff and represent great value for money to our Accountant!”

The Ayrton Diablo is a 300W LED profile luminaire with framing shutters, outputting 19,000 lumens and weighing in at just 21.8 kg. “We noticed that there are lots of the Diablo’s sibling, the Mistral, in use around Australia,” observes Leko. “The Diablo is essentially the same light, but with one gobo wheel removed to accommodate framing. Framing is incredibly handy to have in all your fixtures, instead of having to try and design around just one or two at your show with that capability. It’s essential for clean looks on gigs involving screens, graphics, banners, and more. Theatre LDs also appreciate it, as do concert LDs for special effects.”

The Diablos are already out earning their keep, with initial feedback from both customers and Novatech staff extremely positive. “Our customers are really happy with the brightness and feature set,” continues Leko, “plus they can rig them with Ayrton Mistrals and get perfectly matched output. Our internal service and maintenance team love the Diablos on the inside; they’re great for serviceability and access, which means they’ll be working for us for a long time.”

The latest update of an industry legend in the Claypaky Sharpy Plus also caught Novatech’s attention. “We first noticed lots of investment in the Sharpy Plus across Europe,” notes Leko. “It’s rare that an update to an industry stalwart like the Sharpy is a game-changer, but the Plus is. The biggest improvement is that it’s now so much more than a beam; it’s a wash, a profile, a gobo projector, and a Sharpy. We think customers will be happy to try it out instead of the old Sharpy, and then get hooked on it because of its flexibility. It’s compact, good on weight in the rig, has a fantastic zoom range, and a nice lamp. It’s extremely punchy and great value for money.”

Leko sees the Diablo taking its place on film and broadcast sets, theatre and concert stages, and at corporate gigs. The Sharpy Plus will be most at home touring on concert work, as well as in corporate work. Both are backed by Australian distributor Show Technology’s excellent pre and post sales service, which Novatech have enjoyed throughout the acquisition process.

Posted on13.09.19