Novatech recognised nationally at the Meetings & Events Australia Awards

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Novatech Creative Event Technology were honoured to receive national recognition with two awards for Audio-Visual Services and Innovation at the recent Meetings & Events Australia live-streamed 2019 National Awards Night. Novatech were crowned winners of three awards at state level with wins in the categories of Audio-Visual Services, Innovation and Special Event of the Year. For the very first time, the State Awards were held in conjunction with the National Awards as part of a live-streamed event from the ICC Sydney Studios.

In the Audio-Visual Services category, the Novatech team were thrilled to accept both the state and national award which recognises Novatech’s excellence in providing audio-visual, staging, production and technical services to business events across Australia. Novatech is proudly South Australian & family owned and employs close to 70 full time and 20 casual staff at their Underdale HQ. Delivering over 1,400 events annually around Australia they bring world-class technology, creativity and technical solutions to the event industry from Adelaide. Novatech’s approach to creativity, quality, reliability, contribution to the industry as well as fostering good company culture were all factors in their success.

In the Innovation category, Novatech faced a strong team of interstate competitors who we applaud in their success at their respective state level. The team were honoured to accept the award at both the state & national level, recognising Novatech’s innovative approaches to challenges that improve and enhance the delivery of events. With innovation at Novatech’s core, this national award recognised Novatech’s innovative audio-visual solution applied to the Santos Tour Down Under. When Novatech hopped on board as the audio-visual production partner for the Santos Tour Down Under in 2019, they saw a gap in the market for a higher-quality public address system that could be deployed quickly, efficiently & safely. Novatech worked closely with L-Acoustics in France, Jands in Sydney and the South Australian Tourism Commission in Adelaide to develop this solution.

Novatech have been a long-time user of L-Acoustics with over 900 speakers in their inventory. When reviewing their inventory line-up, the new slimline SYVA colinear line source loudspeaker designed for the orchestral halls and catwalks of Paris, caught Novatech’s eye. Its thin design yet high powered output was perfect to maximise sightlines and pump out high energy music, however it was never designed for outdoor use or hung on poles. The Novatech team designed an innovative custom winch stand up that allowed the speaker to be attached to a pole, locked in place and raised to 4m which allowed concert quality sound to be spread up to 50m between speakers. Novatech’s innovative solution set a new standard of outdoor event safety for the industry. Eliminating the need for working at heights whilst improving overall AV quality was the best possible outcome for keeping technical crew and the public safe, which ultimately contributed to their success.

The judges remarked “The research and development of the product is incredibly inspiring, it’s an innovative replacement for traditional cabling solutions and practices, removing a plethora of workplace health and safety risks for the crew and public. Being a long-standing issue with outdoor events around the world, it is highly admirable for Novatech to have designed their own support system without any existing systems in place. Having the forethought of using the solution at future events was particularly impressive. The initiatives taking place with their staff to foster good culture within the business is also something to be commended.”

Novatech’s Managing Director, Leko Novakovic paid tribute to his team and thanked them all for their commitment in delivering outstanding event services to their clients. “We are proud to be recognised not only as an audio-visual production business by our peers, but also in recognition of our innovation that runs through our veins” Leko commented.

“As our name suggests, we use event technology in creative and innovative ways and it’s indeed pleasing to be recognised formally for this achievement. It is a true testament to our technical team’s innovative approach in designing a custom engineered solution to improve an events technology offering. Building on proven audio technology by our trusted partners L-Acoustics, our team designed a custom rigging solution that eliminated a known working at heights risk. This allowed concert quality audio to be deployed on the day, along kilometres of streets and with no-one working at heights.”

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Posted on02.06.20