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Novatech Creative Event Technology are committed to investing in the latest high-quality equipment which give event producers theatrical & creative options for their events. To stand out from the crowd, a new way of using fabric in shows have arrived at Novatech – with the addition of new Wahlberg High-speed Roll Downs to their inventory.

Kinetic winches have changed the dynamics of live events allowing props, lighting and other objects to move, be revealed and drop in & out of the event space at various speeds and times. To accompany this, the new DMX controllable High-Speed Roll Downs use similar technology to control fabrics in the event space. Used to create beautiful stage and room effects, reveals or dynamic projection surfaces, the 16-bit DMX high-speed motor provides precise control of a tube that can be custom made to various widths on to which fabrics can be attached. This then allows any material such as scrims, organza & cycs to be flown in & out as required at a variety of ultra-slow to ultra-fast speeds.

This variable high-speed and precise positioning along with the customisable nature of width, length and type of material, makes an easy and effective tool for fabric control all directly from the lighting desk. The precise control & tight tolerances enable the fabric to be deployed to pre-determined positions and allow dynamic use of the fabric for lighting effects and projection surfaces throughout the event. Not only are the Roll Downs custom made to fit any length and width of fabric, but multiple units can be mounted end to end with minimal wasted space. The customised aluminium tube also allows the fabric to be hidden and stored smoothly until the desired motion.

The Roll Downs have already crossed the country to Brisbane where they were used as projection surfaces and talent reveals at the Isagenix Celebration for 2020 held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. With the Celebration’s reputation as a high energy impact event, the client was looking for a unique angle on the reveals & stage look for the event. Working collaboratively with CG Creative, their extensive experience on the Celebration along with Novatech’s proven ability to effectively provide innovative turn key production solutions across the country, led the team to choose the Wahlberg Motion Design High-speed Roll Downs for the event in two 4.5m and 9m widths with white fabric drops of 9m on the front edge of the stage.

Novatech’s Managing Director, Leko Novakovic sees the Roll Downs taking its place at corporate gigs, theatres, concert stages and even on tour. Leko remarks, “Due to the flexible nature of the roll downs they can easily and naturally be included in existing set designs and used to create a variety of looks for the space. Whether it is to create high impact reveals, dynamic stage backdrops for lighting or an added dimension to concerts with moving projection, their application is only limited by your imagination”.

Credit | CG Creative
Credit | Wahlberg Motion Design
Credit | Wahlberg Motion Design
Posted on08.07.20