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Leading AV production company Novatech Creative Event Technology solved all of the common issues of conferencing technology a decade ago with their revolutionary OneSystem presentation and recording solution. Now, with the events landscape completely re-imagined as hybrid and virtual, they’ve updated their unique technical solution for the post-COVID world; introducing OneSystem Constellation.

The original OneSystem covered events nationally and overseas, and allowed seamless checking, preparation, delivery, and recording of multimedia content and live presentations across more than 30 rooms simultaneously. With remote and hybrid events now standard, presenter pre-records common, and streaming essential, the mix of real and virtual is constantly shifting.

OneSystem Constellation is a totally unique, all-in-one AV solution that takes care of presentations, video, audio, remote control, graphics, streaming, recording, and signal distribution across venues and onto the internet. When used on an event, it drastically reduces labour costs, mitigates the risk of technical issues, and buys more time for the events team to polish the event, instead of working extra hours just on the technical set-up.

OneSystem Constellation is housed in a custom-made case designed to roll easily through single doors in any venue. Under the hood, there’s a fully broadcast capable engine room that can mix inputs from up to 20 cameras. Three dedicated AV operators can work on OneSystem simultaneously, handling audio, video, and broadcast streaming. Alternatively, OneSystem can be operated by a single technician for simpler events, or completely remotely over the internet for multi-site events.

“We’ve estimated that the time for a single technician just to connect the equipment that can do all of this would be six hours,” states Leko Novakovic, Managing Director of Novatech. “Having all of this pre-built and ready to roll will save everyone huge amounts in labour. I believe OneSystem Constellation is perfect for those multi-state events with participants in each capital city; we can roll out the same equipment in every venue and provide consistency. Lack of consistency in the technology is where those multiple location events usually run into trouble technically.”

With the OneSystem Constellation having already successfully handled the hybrid Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Conference at the MCEC with Novatech’s partner Wallfly, Leko and Novatech are keen to share their ‘gig in a box’ with the rest of the industry. Grant Whitehead CTO and director of Wallfly says “Our event required a highly complex hybrid solution across eight days and multiple concurrent sessions. We were thrilled to engage Novatech as our tech partner for the ANZCA ASM. OneSystem Constellation ticked all the boxes and exceeded our expectations.”

“We deploy OneSystem Constellation as a turn-key solution, with the necessary crew, for a seamless event.” offers Leko. “Streaming and hybrid events are not going away, and we created OneSystem Constellation because there just isn’t anything else on the market that has these capabilities. There’s nothing it can’t do. We feel we’ve designed the perfect workhorse system.”

Posted on29.06.21