Pixel Mapping on display on an arena scale at Creative Generations Queensland

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Novatech were recently engaged by Department of Education and Training QLD for their Creative Generations spectacular at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The annual event provides a platform for the youth of Queensland to participate in a large scale high end production involving all facets of live entertainment & technology. The nationally renowned event has led to many successful careers in entertainment, both on stage and behind the scenes, as a result of student participation.

In its 13th year, the Creative Generations team called upon Novatech Creative Event Technology to provide the infrastructure for projecting stunning scenic images to the arena floor. A challenging aspect for the team was the sheer size of the “canvas” or floor area for imagery to be shown. Measuring 18m by 21m, the Novatech team needed a powerful array of projectors to fulfil the brightness, clarity and detail required for the custom content that was paired with the look & feel of each act.

Eight Barco HD20 projectors were suspended in the ceiling with content & blending managed by a d3 4×4 Pro media server. The d3 flawlessly enabled the team to “blend” the eight projectors together giving the impression of one full image surface. Allowing quick and efficient mapping around stage edges, irregular surfaces and shapes is all part of d3’s creative capability.

Novatech’s Jayden Sutherland said “An event of this magnitude naturally requires multiple technical, production and vision companies to be involved. d3 was therefore receiving multiple control signals including time code feeds from several other suppliers’ sources which were required to trigger certain scenic images during the event. Due to d3’s design, this usually problematic setup was no issue as d3 offers the flexibility and scale to ensure multiple inputs are treated appropriately throughout the show.”

Shannon Gobell, Technical Director for Creative Generations remarked that “The event moved into a number of new and technically challenging areas this year, including floor projection, and Novatech’s work in not only guiding us through the potential pitfalls involved with floor projection but tireless dedication to getting us the maximum lux levels achievable for the best possible result for this broadcast event were simply outstanding.”

“Jayden and the whole Novatech team were nothing but professional through the entire process and a delight to work with. The 8 Barco HD20K projectors were perfect for the job and performed seamlessly and the power of the D3 handling all the media server requirements is just brilliant. The results were better than I had hoped for and our client was extremely pleased with the outcome. “

Using technology in creative ways is at the heart of what Novatech does. Regardless of the location across Australia, the Novatech team delights in contributing to the success of our future entertainers & event technology professionals.

Posted on03.08.17