The Future of Audio Mixing Arrives at Novatech

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Novatech are pleased to welcome the new DiGiCo digital mixing consoles – Quantum 225 and Quantum 338, with 32-bit SD-Racks to their ever-growing inventory. The new generation of Quantum console, Quantum 338 is a dramatic leap forward in power and connectivity in a compact format. Tried and tested workflows have been merged to create this console with a wealth of new design features and enhancements. The new ‘Ultimate Stadius’ 32-bit, 8-channel output card which uses the latest digital-to-analogue (DAC) and analogue-to-digital convertors (ADC), is also built into the console as standard, producing superior local audio connectivity and performance.

Quantum 338 features include:
• 128 Input Channels
• 64 Aux / Sub-Group Busses
• LR/LCR/LCRS/5.1 Master Buss
• 24 x 24 Full Processing Matrix
• 286 Dynamic Equalizers
• 48/96 kHz Sample Rate

The Quantum 225 brings the power of Quantum 338 in an even more compact and robust worksurface. The left worksurface of the console can be customised with an all-new mounting bracket. By mounting a laptop, KLANG:kontroller, or even an extra screen to show the KLANG:app, or plugin computer, it can be transformed into a dual screen console.

Quantum 225 features include:
• 72 Input Channels
• 36 Aux / Sub-Group Busses
• LR/LCR Master Buss
• 12 x 12 Full Processing Matrix
• 155 Dynamic Equalizers
• 48/96 kHz Sample Rate

The Quantum consoles and SD-Racks enhance our already extensive audio inventory. We’re excited to work with our clients to redefine the meaning of audio performance on their events. Quantum 225, 338 with 32-bit SD-Racks are available now from Novatech for use all over Australia.

Posted on17.08.22