Transforming Adelaide Oval for LIV Golf Adelaide’s Welcome Party

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Novatech had the honour of participating in Australia’s first-ever LIV Golf event, which took place in Adelaide. As the chosen host city, Adelaide welcomed the tournament with open arms. Novatech collaborated with Performance54, Reddoor54, Adelaide Oval, Village Gate, Rodney Robertson & Associates, The Bakery Design Co and JAKS Hire and Events to bring the LIV Golf Welcome Party to life at the prestigious Adelaide Oval.

Novatech’s technology played a crucial role in transforming the Southern Plaza and William Magarey Room of Adelaide Oval into a remarkable yet almost unrecognisable setting for LIV Golf’s Welcome Party. Novatech deployed their creative event technology to help deliver a visually stunning experience for all players & guests that added to the grandeur of the event.

The event featured an impressive line-up of equipment brands including ROE Visual LED Screens & LED Strip, Brompton Technology, disguise, L-Acoustics, Prolights, Claypaky and more. These industry-leading brands were carefully selected due to their functionality and ability to create a bespoke solution for transforming the event spaces.

ROE Visual’s V8T & CB3 LED panels adorned the William Magarey Room, creating a vibrant and dynamic stage set that become the focus for the formalities. Brompton Technology’s advanced processing solutions powered the LED panels and the custom ROE Strip attached to internal pillars creating crisp and clear images. A custom LED surround the DJ combined with a high energy lighting rig added to the disco and party atmosphere and allowed room to take on different looks during the night.

Novatech’s involvement in the inaugural LIV Golf event in Australia showcased their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional event production for its creative clients. By partnering with industry leaders, local suppliers and utilising the latest equipment, Novatech continues to cement its reputation as a leader in creative event technology, setting new standards for corporate events and leaving a lasting impression on guests who attended Adelaide Oval.

Photos by David Solm

Posted on31.05.23