Wireless controllable table lighting gives Event Managers new flexibility

Home News Wireless controllable table lighting gives Event Managers new flexibility

Innovation is at the heart of Novatech’s commitment as the market leader to bring our clients the very latest technology from across the globe. In an Australian first, we are delighted to introduce into our inventory a unique range of table centerpieces. Comprising of a Smart Candle, Smart Disc and Smart TabLED, the range allows event organizers the flexibility and creativity usually associated with larger & more expensive infrastructure.

The range is powered by energy efficient LED technology and are completely wireless using environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries which provide sufficient duration for a variety of applications and events. Adding to these features is the unique ability for all of the range to be controlled remotely by our lighting operators during the event. This allows certain looks to be applied to the tables at various points at the event managers discretion. For example a dramatic chase of colour across the tables during an award announcement or all tables dimming to blue during video rolls. All of this is achieved with no additional rigging, power or signal infrastructure to the event space which significantly reduces the cost & time required to have this high impact effect.

We also envisage the range being utilised in unique applications such as lining pathways, entrance features or displays where cabling, power and other infrastructure would compromise safety or incur large labour and equipment costs. With the range being fully wireless, the clutter and cabling of previous solutions is now nonexistent. The creative possibilities are endless!

Posted on24.08.17