The World’s First d3 4x4 Pro

Entry date: June 20, 2014
d3 4x4 Pro

Novatech Creative Event Technology is pleased to welcome a game changing new addition to their fleet of d3 Media Servers; the newly released d3 Technologies 4x4 Pro.

Even before the purchase of their first d3 system in 2012, Novatech realised what a great new addition to their already broad capabilities this system would bring. Not only allowing an unprecedented level of multilayered simultaneous video playback on both simple and complex 3d objects, but also providing a realistic pre visualisation suite enabling clients to venture into the virtual world and explore their event without stepping foot into the venue weeks or months before the event.

With an impressive four 4k video outputs or sixteen HD outputs (and anywhere in between with user replaceable VFC Cards) and four HD-SDI or two 3G-SDI inputs featuring the lowest frame latency on the market, we are not kidding when we say game changer.

Novatech has seen extensive growth to their pre visualisation and projections projects. Since having d3 on board, it has been responsible for an impressive list of events including the Samsung Smart TV Launch, Holden VF Commodore Launch, SA State Brand Launch and Vivid Sydney to name a few. The purchase of the newly released hardware was an obvious next step for Novatech to cope with the demand for the system.

In the coming months d3 will feature on a number of key events including a 360 degree immersive projection with a massive canvas size of 225m x 8m, and also provide playback on Australian Dance Theatres new stereoscopic show venture ‘Multiverse’.



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