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We know how to use light and colour to transform your event, build atmosphere, tell your story and create a memorable event experience. At Novatech, we’re experts in providing creative, colourful and stunning lighting effects for any event.

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Client | Tank Room Productions
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Jack Morton Worldwide
Gold Coast Festival 2018

Event lighting for corporate events and meetings

Lighting creates mood and atmosphere and can immerse your audience into a world of your creating. At Novatech we know how to transform tired and bland event venues using clever, creative lighting design. From simple stage uplights to a fully immersive digital installation, our expert lighting technicians and extensive range of industry-leading equipment will deliver the best and brightest experience in full luminous colour.

Our corporate event lighting services include:


A simple, yet effective way to create an atmosphere or bring themed colours to your event. From small lights painting a strip of colour up the walls of your conference room to large, high-powered LED fixtures illuminating the sides of multi-storey buildings, uplights will bring character, ambience and drama to any event.

Colour washing

We’ll cover your event space with colour and texture by sweeping shapes and beams across the floors, walls and ceiling spaces. Colours can be changed on cue and timed lighting movements can bring drama and focus to key moments, such as the announcing of award winners or introducing a performance.


Gobos are an easy way to show off your logo (or your sponsor’s logos) or create messaging in lights. Gobos are small discs used to project images, logos, patterns, text and more onto the walls, ceilings and floors of your event space. They can be fixed in a static position or used in moving lights as part of your overall light show.

Digital installations

Using high-powered lighting and projection, we can create a stunning visual spectacular on almost any surface. Imagine the front of your building washed with beautiful art made entirely from lights, or a 360-degree display of interactive lighting and projection to transport your guests to an underwater wonderland. By combining our expert event lighting and innovative digital projection, you can create almost any theme or effect for your event.

Remote controlled table lighting

With our range of smart LED table centrepieces, your tables can now be an interactive part of your event. Our centrepieces can be programmed to light up on specific event cues or change colours at designated times. And being wireless, they can also be used to illuminate guest pathways or as cocktail party décor without any unsightly cables getting in the way.

To find out how we can master the experience for your next corporate event or meeting with lighting, contact Novatech today.

Lighting hire for concerts and festivals

At Novatech, we’ve been creating stunning lighting effects for nightclubs and outdoor concerts for almost 20 years. We stock Adelaide’s largest range of industry-leading lighting consoles and fixtures, which means we can manage several tours at one time without running out of lights.

Our skilled lighting technicians have extensive experience in a wide variety of events including outdoor music festivals, large-scale theatre productions, sporting arenas and corporate events. We can custom design your lightshow from scratch or supply the equipment you need to execute the show your lighting designer has in mind. With our world-class brands and expert crew of lighting technicians, we create visually stunning effects and execute them flawlessly.

Our lighting hire brands include:

  • Ayrton
  • ChamSys
  • Clay Paky
  • Elation
  • German Light Products
  • High End Systems
  • MA Lighting
  • Martin
  • ProLight
  • VariLite

For a full listing of the audiovisual equipment we currently stock, view our Equipment Snapshot.

Our equipment is professionally maintained and regularly serviced. Our stock is stored in kits and casing that are designed to tour. We can manage multiple events and large-scale touring shows with quick installs and pack downs to get your gear on the road to the next city efficiently and easily.

To find out how we can master the experience for your next production with lights, contact Novatech today.

Event lighting transforms your event

Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to create a mood, transform a space and tell your story. At Novatech, we have the creative and technical expertise to deliver stunning lighting effects that will create long-lasting memories for your guests.

Events we’ve transformed with lights

Tesla battery launch

When you’re launching the world’s largest battery, you need people to be able to see it. As Tesla flicked the switch on its 100-megawatt battery system in regional South Australia, we were proud to illuminate the moment for a global audience.  Our team enjoyed the challenge of working on a remote site, and we collaborated with the Tesla team to run all event power directly from the battery itself. Novatech also provided large screen displays and audiovisual support for the event.

Adelaide Fringe: Parade of Light

When the Adelaide Fringe wanted to create a ‘Parade of Light’ to illuminate the beautiful heritage buildings along North Terrace, Novatech was there to deliver. Despite the challenge of projecting light across a busy city road and dealing with significant ambient light, our team of talented lighting technicians used robust, bright and weatherproof equipment to create a spectacular display which was a firm favourite on the Fringe program.

Big Bash NYE Spectacular

The Big Bash NYE has become the New Year’s Eve party for Adelaideans of all ages. Novatech was proud to provide the lighting, audio and vision systems for celebrations, working in collaboration with Ding Productions, the Adelaide Strikers and Adelaide Oval. Our creative lighting technicians designed a program of pure, unadulterated fun. Bright lights, vivid colours and a spectacular way for 45,000 people to start the New Year.

To find out how our event lighting hire can transform your next event, contact Novatech today.

Australian Dance Theatre
Ding Productions
The 68th International Astronautical Congress

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