WOMADelaide celebrates 25 years of World Music and Dance

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WOMADelaide, the four-day festival of world culture and beloved fixture of the Australian festival calendar, turned 25 this year, as 90,000 people packed Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens from March 10 to 13 to celebrate. Along with 400 artists from 30 countries, local production powerhouse Novatech Creative Event Technology came to the festival with full audio, lighting, and video production for every stage and event space.

Audiences taking in performances on the main Foundation Stage treated their ears with an L-Acoustics K2 line array with 12 elements a side, backed by 16 L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers and nine elements of L-Acoustics Kara as infill. Prestigious English audio manufacturer SSL shipped over one of their flagship SSL Live 500 digital mixing desks for the main stage, along with an engineer to help run it (it helps that WOMAD founder Peter Gabriel is part owner of the company!) For those mixing at FOH who felt like something more traditional, an analogue Midas Heritage 3000 desk was on hand. An Avid Profile digital mixer handled monitor duties, with L-Acoustics X15 HiQ speakers as foldback. A Whirlwind splitter and stage system was used in conjunction with OptoCore fibre optic transport.

On the lighting side, the Foundation Stage featured a package of Martin MAC Viper profiles and Martin MAC Quantum washes, and used them to wash the enormous canopy and pattern it with gobos. Novatech’s new ProLights ARENACOB4FC LED blinders sat out the front on the truss to provide eye-candy, safe with their IP65 weatherproof rating. Lighting operators worked on an industry-standard GrandMA Full size. Novatech also provided a 4.5mx3m Di Color M480 LED screen to sit behind the FOH mix position, fed by two Panasonic Integrated HD cameras, four Marshall HD cameras and a manned broadcast camera, running via Panasonic AV-HS410 video switcher, with video signal distribution by Riedel’s MediorNet.

Stage Two ran an L-Acoustics K2 line array with nine elements a side, an Avid S6L digital mixer at FOH along with a Yamaha PM5D-RH provided especially for the Philip Glass Ensemble, and a DiGiCo SD-8 on monitors. Lighting was covered with a range of Vari-Lite 3500 washes and VL3500Q Spots, along with GLP X4 Bar 20s as side lights, GLP Impression 90s at the back, and a range of generics requested for one theatrical-style act. Control was via a High End Systems Hog 4. Video content was projected by a Barco FLM-HD20 20,000 ANSI projector onto a 24-foot screen via a Barco PDS-902 switcher.

Stage Three’s audio was rigged with an L-Acoustics Kudo line array and mixed by a Midas XL3 analogue mixer at FOH and Yamaha M7CL digital mixer on monitors. Lighting included Martin MAC 700 profile and Martin MAC 2000 wash fixtures, along with GLP Impression 90s providing washes from the side, with control via a GrandMA2 light. Stages Four and Five were fitted out identically; L-Acoustics Kiva line array, and Midas M32 digital mixers on FOH and foldback. A generic LED par rig handled most of the acts, augmented by ProLights STUDIOCOBFC LEDs mounted on the front legs as a wash, with LSC Mantra control.

Stage Six was a conference stage that turned into a club at night, powered by L-Acoustics 112Ps speakers and SB15P subwoofers. Audio was mixed by Midas M32R digital mixer, with RCF HD 10-A powered speakers as foldback. Twelve GLP Impression 90s and four Mac 250 Entours were joined by a ProLights Z7 Spot front wash, all controlled via a High-End Systems HedgeHog.

Stage Seven, proudly branded The Novatech Stage, ran an L-Acoustics Kara line array with SB18 subwoofers, Avid SC48 digital mixers at front and back, and a lighting package of Martin MAC 700 profiles and Martin MAC 700 washes controlled by a High-End Systems Full Boar.

The Attractor Stage, built for dance, featured 30 ProLights DIAMOND7 LED fixtures on a circular truss, two ETC Lustr 26 Degrees, and two Barco FLM-HD20 projectors blended to a 44-foot screen via a Barco Encore switcher system.

“WOMADelaide is always fantastic,” said Novatech’s head of audio for the festival, Denis Ardalic. “It’s the one festival of the year everyone wants to work on. It’s a big challenge; every act is different, communication can be difficult as lots of acts don’t speak English, and most of them don’t tour with their own technicians. You need to get the job done quickly and quietly, all with a language barrier, but everyone’s super friendly, which makes it great to work on.”

Novatech helped train the next generation of production technicians during WOMADelaide, with six TAFE students assigned to assist the audio crew and three to lighting across the six main stages. In a tradition that has now run for years, the Novatech team were joined by two visitors all the way from Tenant Creek in the Northern Territory, who assisted with preparation and builds before the festival, and worked as backline techs during the show.

About Novatech Creative Event Technology
Novatech Creative Event Technology is one of Australia’s leading and most respected audio visual production companies. Driven by a passion and commitment to staging exceptional events, we have the expertise, technology and resources to produce and stage truly unique conferences, gala dinners, product launches, road shows and concerts that surpass our client’s expectations. Our world-class team, cutting edge technology and in-depth experience across a wide range of venues provides you with the confidence and peace of mind when staging your next event.

Novatech rides the chillwave with RFS

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Chart-topping Sydney chillwave/alternative dance trio RFS have hit the road, supporting the release of their second album, Bloom. Novatech Creative Event Technology are providing audio control and full lighting production for the Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane legs of the tour, which also stops in Perth and Hobart before heading to Auckland. With lighting pre-visualisation done in Novatechs Adelaide HQ and two days of rehearsal in Adelaides Titanium Arena before the first show, Novatech once again deliver a polished, creative production that keeps the crowd dancing with every beat.

At FOH engineer Cam Trewins mix position is the first Australian-owned Avid S6L to tour the country. The flagship mixing desk, which has already shot to the top of everyones rider, is being run on an easily deployable and reliable fibre backbone with Cat6 backup. A DiGiCo SD8 handles monitor mixing duties, while two Midas M32s are used to mix support acts Bob Moses and Tora.

Lighting Designer and Operator, Matt Smith, and Assistant Lighting Designer, Tom Wright, have specified a rig with 36 GLP impression X4 Atoms, of which Novatech has the first stock in the country. These tiny but powerful fixtures are easily locked together and rigged for unique looks. Running from an Atom PSU controller, which sends power and data down a single cable, their 15W RGBW LED source is combined with a motorised zoom which provides a huge 9:1 ratio, running from 3.5to 34. This flexibility and individual control over each unit give Matt and Tom the ability to create washes, effects, beams, chases and just about anything else they can dream up.

Joining their GLP stable-mates on the tour are 12 GLP impression X4 Bar 20s, a 20 LED batten with a zoom range from 7 to 50. Novatech have invested heavily in the X4 Bar 20s, with a huge fleet in the warehouse. Their high quality optics ensure smooth, homogenised output through a broad pallet of pastel and saturated colours, while their full DMX control mode offers pixel mapping capabilities, allowing a multitude of dynamic fades and chases through intensities and colours.

Two MA Lighting grandMA2 light consoles running in sync control the show, which also uses 12 8-way ACL blinders, 17 SGM X-5 LEDs, 24 Sunstrips, 18 Martin MAC Viper Profiles, 12 Clay Paky Sharpy Beams, and 20 GLP Impression X4s, running off three Avolites ART2000 48ch power and dimmer racks. The tour is already garnering praise for its production, with themusic.com.aus review of the opener in Adelaide praising the mesmerising light show.

Roll Call - Touring Personnel
Steffan Johnson Production Manager
Nam Bujisic - Tour Manager
Danny Robson - RUFUS Manager
Cam Trewin - FOH Engineer
James Guiness Monitor Engineer
Matt Smith Lighting Designer/Operator
Tom Wright Assistant Lighting Designer
Rowan (Digga) Johnson Backline
Aaron Dukas Lead Novatech Lighting System Technician
Jeremy Lassemillante Assistant Novatech Lighting System Technician
Matt Ruggiero Novatech Audio System Technician

About Novatech Creative Event Technology
Novatech Creative Event Technology is one of Australia’s leading and most respected audio visual production companies. Driven by a passion and commitment to staging exceptional events, we have the expertise, technology and resources to produce and stage truly unique conferences, gala dinners, product launches, road shows and concerts that surpass our clients expectations. Our world-class team, cutting edge technology and in-depth experience across a wide range of venues provides you with the confidence and peace of mind when staging your next event.

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Novatech makes the world feel at home at WOMADelaide

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The WOMADelaide festival is a global institution. Now in its 24th year, the four-day long celebration of world music and dance held in the beautiful surrounds of Adelaides Botanic Garden shows no signs of age. The March 11-14 event smashed previous attendance records as 95,000 attendees took in performances from acts as diverse as Anglique Kidjo, Calexico, Violent Femmes, De La Soul, Kev Carmody and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

A first in 2016, Novatech Creative Event Technology supplied all seven stages of the festival using world class audio, lighting, and video production equipment, backed by their expert personnel. The aptly named Novatech Stage was supplied in its entirety by Novatech, utilising their stage and roofing system.

The all-important Foundation Stage, which functioned as the festivals main stage, was serviced by Novatechs new Avid S6L digital mixing console, which has leapt to the top of every touring FOH engineers first choice for console. The S6L proved to hold its own over other consoles being used for the WOMADelaide Festival this year, said Adam Budgen, Senior Head Sound Technician at the Adelaide Festival Centre and WOMADelaide Foundation Stage FOH Operator. The sound of the console was warm and articulate. Many of the touring engineers were trying it for the first time, with great results. Most of the engineers who were familiar with Avids Profile platform were happy with the performance of the S6L, and found it easy to navigate and customise.

Complementing the great FOH console was a full L-Acoustics PA, consisting of a K2 line array system supplemented by SB28 subwoofers, with additional coverage via KARA line array elements. Over on Stage 2, an all L-Acoustics monitoring system of X15 HiQ reference stage monitors handled foldback for acts such as The Australian Dance Theatre, Sarah Blasko and Parisian Cuban twins Ibeyi. In total, Novatech deployed 230 L-Acoustics speaker cabinets, running off of 182 L-Acoustics LA8 power amplifiers across the festival site.

L-Acoustics have combined form and function perfectly in the X15 HiQ. Its aesthetically appealing, it’s astonishingly loud while maintaining the signature L-Acoustics musicality and it’s lightweight. My favourite monitor wedge on the market right now! - Luke Mulligan (Monitor Engineer - Angus & Julia Stone, Pete Murray)

About Novatech Creative Event Technology
Novatech Creative Event Technology is one of Australia’s leading and most respected audio visual production companies. Driven by a passion and commitment to staging exceptional events, we have the expertise, technology and resources to produce and stage truly unique conferences, gala dinners, product launches, road shows and concerts that surpass our clients expectations. Our world-class team, cutting edge technology and in-depth experience across a wide range of venues provides you with the confidence and peace of mind when staging your next event.

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First in Australia with L-Acoustics X15 HiQ

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Novatech Creative Event Technology has continued its tradition of market leadership by being the first rental company in Australia to take delivery of L-Acoustics new X15 HiQ reference stage monitors. Weighing 30% less than its popular predecessor, the X15 HiQ uses a three-inch compression driver and a 15-inch LF transducer in a coaxial design, powerfully reproducing from 55 Hz to 20 kHz, with a tight dispersion angle of 40x 60and flat tonal response free of lobes to virtually eliminate feedback.

Novatech now stock 24 units of X15 HiQ, giving them the ability to cover the monitoring needs of the biggest stages, or deploy their low-profile design into the subtlest of distributed FOH applications. The X15 HiQ weighs just 21kg, and is equipped with ergonomic handles, a pole-mount and optional rigging accessories offering huge flexibility for its deployment. As a stage monitor, its built-in risers allow monitor engineers to choose between a monitoring angle of 35 or 55.

Following on from the enormous success of the L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ, we were incredibly excited to hear about the new X15 HiQ, said James Sacca, Production Manager at Novatech. With its decreased weight, increased low-end performance and sleek new design, theres no doubt that like its predecessor, the X15 HiQ will become a staple for monitor engineers around the world in no time.

The challenge in creating the X Series was to bring all of the experience we gained in designing the K2 to bear on a new series of reference coaxials, said Christophe Combet, Head of Acoustics and Instrumentation at L-Acoustics. We set out to rethink the design, ergonomics, acoustical performance and weight. We used new carpentry techniques to optimise internal volumes, maximize bass and eliminate vibrations. This, along with the use of neodymium, allowed us to decrease weight by up to 30 percent in the X12 and X15 HiQ. We designed a new, aerodynamic form with a slender, low profile that will effortlessly integrate into the set when used as a monitor, all while giving a profound feeling of power.

In addition to implementing L-Vents to improve the low frequency performance, we also designed a brand new type of waveguide, continued Christophe. Thanks to its ellipsoid shape, we can generate both horizontal and vertical directivity, with no acoustic compromise in applications. Furthermore we settled for nothing less than powerful, linear, reliable and fully mastered coaxial components - the best on the market. As with all L-Acoustics products, we paid special attention to geometrical and acoustical compatibility within the series and ensured that all enclosures have the same functional and ergonomic assets to make them easy to deploy.

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Novatech first in Australia to invest in the GLP X4 Atom; the little light with big possibilities

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have become the first Australian owners of the X4 Atom, an innovative new fixture from German Light Products (GLP). At a tiny 16.9cm deep and weighing in at just 1.4kg, this high output quad colour LED is IP65 rated, has an amazing 34-3.4 degree zoom range, and uses a unique rigging system allowing units to be locked together and rigged in almost any imaginable line, grid or shape. Up to 12 units can be fed power and data from an external supply over standard 4-pin cable, making the X4 Atom not only flexible, but easy to use.

Sometimes you get that feeling, and you know that its going to be a good, successful product, says Novatechs Managing Director, Leko Novakovic. Novatech have purchased 48 units of X4 Atom, and four external power and control units. In addition to their creative potential, the X4 Atoms optics and colour output match the rest of our existing inventory of GLP fixtures.

The X4 Atom is destined to become popular in theatrical applications due to its discreet size and silent operation, easily hidden in sets or mounted on side booms. Concert tours in the 1000-2000 capacity range are also sure to find a place for the X4 Atom, with their flexible rigging, creative range of looks, light weight and easy pack make them unbeatable value for money. Corporate customers will appreciate the X4 Atom for the new highlights it gives their stages, from washes as footlights, to arrays of beams shone from unique shapes.

Novatechs X4 Atom rig has already had its first successful outing, used to add a variety of looks to the Herbalife 2016 Spectacular in Adelaide. We ran three groups of 12 X4 Atoms along some rear, centre and angled truss used for video screens, relates Leko. It was a big room, but they were more than competitive in terms

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The first AVID S6L for hire in Asia-Pacific ushers in Christmas at Adelaides Carols by Candlelight

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have sent out the first AVID S6L digital mixer for hire in the Asia-Pacific region to handle the high channel and bus count of Adelaides Carols by Candlelight, a large and beloved event with a 71 year history, set in the beautiful surrounds of Elder Park. As the crowd was entertained by stars such as Anthony Callea, Rhonda Burchmore, Samantha Jade, Nathaniel, and Peter Combe, the S6L used all 64 inputs, as well as 16 outputs which fed eight front of house audio zones to the system and eight orchestral submixes to the AVID SC48 monitor console.

Legendary Australian sound engineer Jon Lemon, who has worked on the global stage with artists as diverse as Seal, Christina Aguilera, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, INXS, and Sia, was full of praise for Novatech and the S6L. The S6L only arrived in the warehouse last Tuesday; it was the first one in the country! Jon reports. I was suitably impressed, and I think its a wise investment for Novatech, who I believe are in the premiere class among Australias production companies. The S6L made a monster gig easy. We built 65 snapshots over six hours of rehearsal, and operation was completely intuitive. I particularly liked the Custom Layouts feature, being able to choose what channels are on the surfaces 32 faders for each Snapshot. I also found having three customisable control modules makes life easier. And sonically, running at 96kHz makes such a difference. 

The S6L is destined to become the international standard for front-of-house mixing, with the worlds leading hire companies already investing in multiple units. With over 300 processing channels, industry-standard plug-ins and Pro Tools integration, the newest member of the AVID family can mix, distribute and record audio at the largest of events. The S6Ls networked, distributed I/O via AVB on Ethernet means even large outdoor events like Carols by Candlelight are easy to set-up and operate, with physical inputs and outputs located wherever theyre needed, all connected with light, portable, off-the-shelf Ethernet equipment and cabling.

To ensure full and clear coverage around Elder Park, Novatech deployed a distributed PA system from industry-leading manufacturer L-Acoustics. 24 elements of their K2 line array system covered the crowd, augmented by eight SB28 subwoofers. Four L-Acoustics KIVA modular line source cabinets provided in-fill, while six KARA modular line source loudspeakers covered the back of the crowd as delays. Fourteen L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ stage monitors provided crystal-clear audio to the performers. The whole rig was powered by just eight L-Acoustics LA-RAKs, which house three LA8 power amplifiers each, plus signal and power distribution.

“The new S6L was perfect for this application, says Nick Gates, Audio Technical Lead at Novatech.  We utilised the console’s flexibility for the large number of stage inputs, sub groups and stem mixes required for the event. Reinforced with L-Acoustics K2 and the phase linear tools in LA Network Manager, I was able to ensure amplitude integrity across the entire park.”
Carols by Candlelight was attended by an estimated 40,000 people, with funds from the folded-note entry donation and merchandise sold at the event going to Novita Childrens Services. Novita provides child development, rehabilitation and disability services to more than 3800 young clients, as well as support for their families and carers in Adelaide, regional South Australia and beyond.

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Learn, Respect and Celebrate at the National NAIDOC Awards 2015

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Every year since 1972, NAIDOC Week has celebrated the richness, resilience and achievements of the oldest continuous culture on planet Earth. Hosted in a different Australian city each year, 2015 saw Adelaide home to major events under the theme We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate. NAIDOC Week culminates with the National NAIDOC Awards, an acknowledgement of excellence in cultural, social and environmental leadership.

The awards ceremony was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on July 10 in front of an audience of 1,200 and filmed for broadcast on NITV. Hosted by Luke Carroll and Malarndirri McCarthy, the evening included a performance from comedian Steven Oliver and music from Glenn Skuthorpe, Rochelle Pitt and Terra Firma. Tauto Sansbury, a South Australian Narungga man, was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his social justice advocacy and work to improve the conditions of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. The Northern Territorys Rosalie Kunoth Monks was awarded The 2015 Person of the Year Award for her tireless campaigning on human rights and dedication to politics over the past 50 years.

To A T Productions creatively and logistically produced the National NAIDOC Awards 2015 on behalf of their client, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Novatech Creative Event Technology was proud to support To A T Productions with a full complement of high-end video, lighting and sound solutions. Video and imagery graced the enormous 59 x 9 metre backdrop cyclorama courtesy of five Barco FLM HD20 projectors, capable of putting out 20,000 lumens in full HD. Multimedia content was distributed from three D3 Technologies 4x4pro media servers. Lighting control duties were handled by an MA Lighting grandMA2 light console, with additional processing via an MA NPU network processing unit.

Sixty GLP Impression X4s joined 24 Martin MAC Vipers, 12 VL400 and eight VL3500s from Philips VariLite to provide flexible and dynamic lighting states throughout the show. Audio was loud and clear through an L-Acoustics KARA system with five elements per side on the main left-right and four elements deployed in each delay fills. The show was mixed on an industry standard Avid VENUE Profile desk.

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to work on such an important event on the indigenous calendar, said Jayden Sutherland, Senior Project Manager at Novatech. Working with the event production team at To A T Productions made what would typically be a challenging show to pull together a walk in the park!

2015 NAIDOC Awards Winners
Youth of the Year - Chris Tamwoy
Apprentice of the Year - Ashley Farrall
Artist of the Year - Daren Dunn
Caring for Country - Warddeken Caring for Country Project
Female Elder of the Year - Veronica Perrule Dobson
Male Elder of the Year - Graham Taylor
Lifetime Achievement Award - Tauto Sansbury
Person of the Year - Rosalie Kunoth Monks
Scholar of the Year - Michelle Deshong
Sportsperson of the Year - Ryan Morich

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Novatech shines with The Diamonds

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On 16 August 2015, the Australian Netball Diamonds crowned their 2015 Netball World Cup campaign with their 11th title, beating out 15 other nations, including arch rivals New Zealand in the grand final. A crowd of just under 17,000 at Sydneys Allphones Arena watched the Diamonds emerge triumphant, and Novatech Creative Event Technology were on hand to make sure that the final, and every game in the 10 days leading up to it, were presented with the best possible audio and technical production.

Novatech partnered with the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 as their Technical Production Team, overseeing production for all their games, events around Sydneys Olympic Park. In addition to providing PA and support in the Arena itself, Novatech also handled preliminary and qualify games in the neighbouring Netball Central, the opening and closing ceremonies, presentations, functions FanFEST and special events.

By far the biggest challenge was ensuring that every seat in the massive Allphones Arena experienced the same outstanding audio quality. To this end, Novatech deployed an impressive 44 elements of their premium L-Acoustics K2 line array system. Hung in two hangs of 10 and two of 12, with the LA-RAKS that powered them flown with them, the system was optimised by Novatechs Audio System Designer, Nick Gates.

“By using L-Acoustics SOUNDVISION mapping software, I was able to design a K2 system suitable for all applications at the event, Nick explained. By manipulating the inter-element angles of the arrays and controlling the unity cross-over points between them, I was able to achieve homogenous amplitude response and a constant SPL target, giving every audience member the same audio experience, regardless of where they were in the arena.”

All audio was distributed via fibre optic cabling around the venue using Novatechs Optocore system, which was backed up with an analogue redundancy, ensuring nothing would stop a game in progress. Mixing for the crowd, Novatech employed an industry standard Avid Profile digital mixer, while an Avid SC48 handled the 12 sends across 24 beltpacks of Shures flagship PSM1000 in ear monitors for performer foldback throughout the opening ceremony. 24 channels of Shure UHF-R wireless microphones were used for voice amplification and all radio systems were kept running without dropouts or interference by Shures Axient spectrum management system in conjunction with Shures Wireless Workbench software.

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Novatech Avid about S6L

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Market-leading manufacturer Avid turned heads at the ProLight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt in April with the release of their new flagship live audio mixing console, the S6L. Bigger, better designed and more capable than anything in its class, the release was the hit of the show, with the crme-de-la-crme of the international production industry queuing up for a demonstration and to place their orders.

At the head of the pack in Australia, Novatech Creative Event Technology have now announced their investment in the S6L platform, which is set to dominate riders and client preferences globally. For their first order, Novatech have chosen the largest and most powerful of the two sizes available; an S6L-32D control surface, E6L-192 processing Engine and Stage64 I/O Rack expanded with additional AES/EBU I/O.

This industry-leading combination will provide engineers with 192 mix channels to mix into 96 busses, plus Left/Centre/Right, two monitor busses and a 24x24 matrix. The E6L-192 processing Engine will allow engineers to shape their sound with up to 200 plug-ins running at 96 kHz. The S6L-32D control surface provides intuitive and extensive control via 32+2 faders and four 12 touchscreens. Avid have improved drastically on earlier versions of their user interface, and operators familiar with the Avid environment will be delighted with the ergonomic and visual changes.

For absolute peace-of-mind when running mission-critical applications, each processing engine has three hot-swappable power supplies, one active and two redundant. The same power supply units are fitted into the control surface, with one acting as a redundancy. Control and connectivity to Avids industry standard DAW ProTools is built in, making commercial quality live recordings simple and affordable.

Avid is a brand that we have believed in strongly since they first entered the live sound market, said James Sacca, Production Manager at Novatech. We purchased one of the first Australian D-Show systems when it was released, along with multiple Avid purchases since. We have chosen the highest specification of the new S6L console options to ensure we meet the rigorous demands of the various markets that we work in. Our first console will land well before the Australian summer, with a series of additional consoles planned for delivery throughout late 2015 and early 2016.

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Novatech project a Path to The Future for Vivid

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For the second year running, Novatech Creative Event Technology have helped bring Light, Music and Ideas to entranced spectators at the University of Sydney as part of the Vivid festival. Transforming the Universitys iconic Quadrangle building nightly, Path to the Future featured 27 pieces of multimedia art from around the world, projection mapped onto the 52 metre wide, 30 metre high sandstone faade.

In its first year as an official Vivid Precinct, the Universitys curated programme included works by French visual artist Joanie Lemercier with UK sound artist James Ginzburg, New York’s Light Harvest Studios and Sydney’s The Electric Canvas. Another highlight was Intercellular, a series of short films created by University staff and students from the design, computing, medicine and music faculties, working with Indigenous staff and students from Eora TAFE. Intercellular bridged the idea of light from the galaxies, Indigenous astronomy and the physics of light from cells, in a celebration of the International Year of Light.

Novatech bought these ground-breaking creative visions to life by deploying double the amount of projection power compared to 2014. Ten Barco FLM HD20 projectors were cleverly stacked across five projection zones, reducing the projection tower footprint from three towers and 27 square meters in 2014 to just two towers and eight square metres this year. At the heart of the projection system, two D3 Technologies 4U v2.5 media servers joined with two D3 Technologies 4x4 Pro media servers to ensure that every pixel the artists created was mapped accurately with incredibly detailed 4K resolution.

Making the sure the show kept running, night in, night out, was a Lightware MX-FR33L digital video crosspoint router, which handled all signal distribution duties and provided redundant back-up switching in case of signal failure. Adding sound to the vision, Novatech positioned eight L-ACOUSTICS 115XT HiQ loudspeakers around the site, whose wedge profile and long-throw design made sure they were not only unobtrusive, but completely covered the audience throughout the vast outdoor space.

It was great to be a part of this challenging yet rewarding project once again, said Novatech Senior Project Manager Jayden Sutherland. Vivid is an iconic event both locally and internationally, and Novatech is proud to supply technology that enables the artists to display their works. The University precinct is growing larger each year and saw massive crowds each night, as did the rest of the festival precincts. Were excited to see what Vivid 2016 has in store!

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Samsung makes it easy to create a strong impression. The DMD82D commercial displays offer reliable 24/7 uptime and contain many features and benefits to effectively communicate in the busiest environments.

With enhanced SoC (system-on-chip) performance and internal media player functionality, users can display content without the need of an external PC and can control messaging through either a RS232 or LAN connection. Samsung MagicInfo software simplifies content creation and programming. Each unit comes with a built-in quad-core processor to manage graphics-heavy content.

Samsungs high-resolution HD graphics ensure messages are sharp and clear.

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KI Feastival Competition

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Novatech Creative Event Technology are offering the ultimate getaway for two people to experience an immersive culinary journey through one of South Australias most iconic untouched gems, Kangaroo Island. FEASTival will take you on an immersive culinary journey through the islands untamed wilderness, captivating landscapes and rugged coastlines.

FEASTival allows guests to take time out to encounter the natural bounty of earth and sea. It is a celebration of the rich history, spirit and character of Kangaroo Island through a degustation of authentic dining events unique to the island.

The weekend getaway consists of two nights stay at the 5 star Southern Ocean Lodge, a one night stay at the Seaside Inn, two tickets to The Enchanted Garden launch event and SA Lifes table surfing event, The Bare and The Bush plus a return ferry voucher (including one car transfer) to Kangaroo Island.

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