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Novatech Creative Event Technology joins the elite global AV Alliance

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have cemented their reputation for excellence in live event production by joining the AV Alliance, a global network of leading event equipment rental companies. Membership of the AV Alliance is by invitation only, and its strict standards are maintained by regular inspections. AV Alliance members must provide the highest level of customer service at competitive prices, use only state-of-the-art technology, and adhere to international best practices in health and safety.  The AV Alliance ensures customers will always receive the best possible support for their events anywhere in the world. 

AV Alliance’s Quality Seal dictates that all members must be full-service AV companies, providing lighting, video, sound, IT, communications and rigging equipment, backed up by full-time technical specialists. All installation, operation, support and removal of equipment must be carried out by highly qualified staff, delivered via the company’s vehicle fleet, from its own warehouse of properly maintained, high quality products.

“Joining the AV Alliance isn’t just a great opportunity for Novatech to be recognised as a leader in our field,” said Novatech’s Director of Business Operations Dior Yarwood. “It’s also great for the Australian production industry, and it’s fantastic for South Australia. It allows us to collaborate with some of the world’s leading production companies, sharing ideas and resources. Most importantly it gives our clients the confidence and strength to take their event anywhere in the world and receive the same quality and service they deserve.”

Melbourne-based AV Alliance board member and Managing Director of AV Dynamics, Peter Worth personally inspected Novatech before their admission to the group to ensure that their criteria for inclusion were met. “The process involves a thorough analysis of the business,” explained Peter. “We talk to executive management about procedures, policy and business culture. We assess technology investments and R&D, tour all facilities and collect showcases and data. The results are then submitted to the full board for approval. Our compliance and governance is in place in order to maintain elite levels of service.”

“Through my activities with the AV Alliance, I have had the privilege of visiting some of the biggest and most successful production companies in the world,” Peter continued. “Novatech is more than holding its own in comparison. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their purpose-built facility, their visualisation and production studios, right down to the level of systemisation in their warehouse. Novatech have more than earned the right to stand side-by-side with the global leaders of the production industry.”

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Novatech Content Studio – Bringing Events to Life

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Novatech Creative Event Technology’s in-house content production studio had a busy 2014, bringing the best of high-resolution video and studio quality audio to live events across Australia. Trent Heaft, Novatech’s Studio and Content Coordinator, has been leading a huge range of projects, including creative direction and content production for Port Power’s team entry – The Power Surge, wall-to-wall period projections for the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society’s 175th gala dinner, full court projections for the Constellation Cup netball in Melbourne and Sydney and collateral for the new-look Adelaide United Football Club day and Friday Night Football games.

“AUFC refreshed the look of all its material for both the day and night games for the new season including Friday Night Football,” explained Trent. “For the Friday night games, they’ve gone for a cool blue look, incorporating images of the stadium lights. So we’ve helped them out by redoing all the video and audio of their player profiles, attendance, match slides and adverts. It was definitely a big year for the studio creating twice the amount of content than the previous year and 2015 is already proving to be an even bigger year!”

It’s not just AUFC that has benefitted from Novatech’s capability to generate the highest quality video and audio content to spec. Organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola, Santos, Flinders University, Netball Australia and the South Australian Government have all turned to Novatech for content production.

“We work with video and 2D and 3D animation but what sets us apart from most commercial studios is that we regularly output video at 8K to 12K,” Trent continued. “As far as I know, PIXAR doesn’t even render out at that res! We run the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for video production, and for 3D animation we use Maxon’s Cinema 4D Studio.”¬

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Midas M32

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Leveraging over 40 years of experience building world-class mixing consoles, the MIDAS M32 digital console redefines what is possible with a medium-format mixing desk.

From its elegant and robust industrial design to its outstanding audio performance, every aspect of the M32 console represents the cutting edge of MIDAS technology — while maintaining the immediate feel and intuitive layout of an analog console.

Whether you’re running the show from FOH, mixing monitors, or controlling a complex corporate A/V system, you’ll always feel in control with the MIDAS M32.

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Handpicked Festival – Fine Wines and Good Times in the Vines with Novatech

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Langhorne Creek, just a lazy 50 minutes’ drive south-east of Adelaide, is one of the lesser-known wine making regions in a state full of world-leading vintners. That’s all about to change though, as the inaugural Handpicked Festival has just put it on the map of wine and music lovers everywhere. Conceived by the Follet family, grape growers in the region for 120 years and owners of the Lake Breeze Winery, the Festival has already succeeded in showcasing the incredible natural beauty and excellent produce of the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

On the 29th of November, the cream of Australia’s live acts, including Jessica Mauboy, Sheppard and Thirsty Merc, ably supported by local heroes Joshy Willo, Ash Gale and Alex Hosking, converged on the Lake Breeze Winery for a day and night of great music, food courtesy of Fork on the Road food trucks, and the best of local wines. Producers InFront Events chose Novatech Creative Event Technology to provide audio and lighting for the new festival, who, as befits such a gourmet occasion, bought their finest equipment to ensure the event looked and sounded as good as it tasted.

Front of House mixing duties were handled for the bulk of the show by an AVID Profile, with Jessica Mauboy’s engineer preferring a DiGiCo SD8. Monitors were mixed on an AVID SC48. Every note was reproduced with crystal clarity by an L-Acoustics K2 line array running eight elements per side, supported by six L-Acoustic SB28 subwoofers, with six L-Acoustics KARA arrayed as in-fill. The performers were in fine hands with on-stage monitoring via a complete L-Acoustics system.

As the sun went down in the idyllic setting, the lights fired up. 21 Martin Mac Vipers joined 26 GLP Impression X4s, seven Clay Paky Sharpies and 22 Showtec Sunstrips to provide the lighting director with a powerful, flexible rig capable of huge variety of textures and effects. Novatech also ran over 138 metres of festoon lighting over the stage area, adding to the comfortable and intimate atmosphere as the headliners took to the stage.

Organisers and punters were delighted with the first Handpicked Festival, describing it as ‘most amazing experience the region has ever seen’. With such a great recipe for success, Handpicked is sure to be back bigger and better next year, and Novatech will be proud to help support such a great South Australian initiative.

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QSC Touchmix 16

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QSC TouchMix compact digital mixers are designed for musicians, production professionals and live erformance venues that need the power and capability of a large “concert” mixing console in a compact, affordable and easy to use form.

TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16 mixers have the functionality to satisfy demanding professionals combined with a range of features and functions that help the less experienced user achieve quality results.

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3D Diamonds go national with Novatech

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Netball’s Constellation Cup pits traditional rivals Australia and New Zealand against each other in a test match format. Played in matches on both sides of the Tasman, 2014 saw the Australian Diamonds deliver a whitewashing of the Silver Ferns with four wins to zero. Helping our Diamonds get revved up for the games in Melbourne’s Hisense Arena on the 8th of October and Sydney’s Allphones Arena on the 11th were elaborate projected visuals on the court backed up by audio and lighting, all from Novatech.

Three and half minutes of customised 3D content was created in-house at Novatech as a curtain-raiser for the game, tailored to the exact national broadcast camera shot, providing viewers watching at home with an elaborate projection mapped 3D illusion completely covering the 30.5m x 15.25m court. Two d34U v2.5 servers fed eight Barco FLM-HD20 projectors rigged with short-throw lenses, rigged just 12 metres above the court. Even though the lenses needed to be focussed manually, the crew had the entire rig in place, focussed, blended and ready to fire up the audience in under two hours.

A full L-Acoustics PA system backed up the amazing visuals, with six separate hangs consisting of six elements each of the new K2 line array, the first job this world-leading speaker system was deployed on since its arrival at Novatech. Amplifiers powering the system were flown next to the speakers at each end of the court, their signal sent to them via fibre optic cable on an Optocore system, and were controlled digitally via Network Manager software from a remote PC.

Lighting were tasked with creating atmosphere during the pre-game events and keeping the crowd entertained during the broadcast commercial breaks. 12 Vari-Lite VL3500 Spots lit the players as they entered the court and highlighted performers Samantha Jade and Dami Im as they sang the national anthem. 32 units of GLP Impression X4s provided a huge range of beam and wash effects courtesy of their 19 individually controllable LEDs, while 20 SGM X5 strobes and eight Clay Paky Sharpies completed the rig. Lighting control was via a grandMA2 Light console.

Courtside, 85 panels of Vuepix P10 LED panels were used for digital signage, fitted with custom brackets ensuring the images displayed correctly to broadcast. Novatech also supplied control and playback for all video within the venues, a camera and operator for vox pops and managed the event’s Twitter fall. All the gear, excluding the projection equipment, went on to the Canberra and Bendigo legs of the series, keeping seven crew on the road for the capital city tests and five for the regional legs in two 48 foot pantechs.

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The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia turns 175 with Novatech

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It’s not every day you celebrate your 175th birthday. South Australia’s Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society is the institution behind the Royal Show, and the second oldest organisation in the state after the Police Force. With deep connections to the State’s primary producers and a special place in the heart of every child who’s ever been to the Show, it befitted such a beloved institution to celebrate in style. 

1,500 members of the Society were invited to attend a gala dinner at the Goyder Pavilion of the Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 26th July. Unbeknownst to most of the guests, one of Australia’s leading production companies, Adelaide’s Novatech Creative Event Technology, started technical preparations for the event months beforehand. Novatech had four giant cycloramas custom manufactured for the event. With two measuring 74 metres x 9 metres and two at 50 meters x 9 metres, the diners were surrounded by an enormous canvas that was used to project imagery and video illustrating the long and rich history of the RAHS.

Hanging in the centre of the room above the presentation stage, four projection screens carried live images of hosts and guest speakers, as well as pre-made custom video content. Handling the pre-visualisation, projection mapping, content storage, delivery and live switching of the complex video presentation were five of Novatech’s industry-leading d3 Technologies media servers, including two of d3’s new 4x4pro models. The combination of d3’s incredibly powerful software and hardware allowed Novatech to model the physical requirements of the system at the design stage, map the vision across projectors, store and distribute a vast amount of content in High Definition and output 15 independent video streams at once. As the event images demonstrate, the results were breathtaking. 

But it wasn’t just digital sweat that powered the show; over 1000 crew hours were dedicated to the event. Technical work started at the venue early in the week, with staff spending two days setting up before a rehearsal on the day of the show. Amazingly, after the guests had left, the entire rig was removed from the venue in just three hours. In addition to the state-of-the-art video system, Novatech provided all projection, screens, lighting, audio, signal distribution and drapes, including a huge 304 meters of black drapes hung behind the cycloramas to control light spill from backstage and catering areas.

Audio was more than capably handled with a six zone PA of L’Acoustics Kara, supplemented with L’Acoustics SB18 subwoofers. Bands worked across two stages, and were mixed from an AVID Profile digital desk. Martin Mac Vipers, Clay Paky Sharpy’s and GLP X4’s lit the stages, with 16 more Mac Vipers and 48 X4’s covering the tables. ETC Source Four Profiles illuminated the remaining entrance way, foyer, and backstage areas. Lighting control was tasked to an MA Lighting MA2. Projectors included 14 Barco FLM HD20s and four Barco RLM W8s. Video distribution was via Optocore, with a fail-safe redundant video switching system provided by Lightware. Three JVC HD video cameras were used to capture live video, distributed with no visible delay through the d3 system.

Now, it just wouldn’t be show business if the crew didn’t silently and efficiently avert a major crisis without anyone being the wiser. One hour before guests were due to walk through the door, a false alarm activated the building’s fire alarms and extractor fans. The resultant suction caused the giant, sail-like cycloramas to physically move out of position, which meant the focus and setup of 18 separate video projectors, which had taken hours to set, had to be changed as quickly as possible. Novatech’s crew not only achieved this, but did it all remotely from their video control room with only a single camera feed from the room to guide them. Now that’s how you put on a Royal Show!

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VL4000 Spot

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Proudly built in the USA, the VL4000 Spot includes all the tools needed to create dynamic and useful lighting on any stage. Every aspect of the luminaire has been designed with performance in mind. The VL4000 Spot boasts 33,000 lumens and features a quiet Studio mode outputting 25,000 lumens. High resolution optics ensure remarkable center-to-edge focusing and an unprecedented contrast ratio. A 5:1 zoom covers an amazing 9 to 47 degrees without sacrificing output or clarity.

Our engineers designed an entirely new color system that provides CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction and dual five-position color wheels. As a result, the luminaire has incredibly smooth color mixing whether operating in a slow fade or instant snap. The dual opposing fixed color wheels achieve unique color effects, providing a multitude of multicolor combinations.

The VL4000 Spot luminaire features dual rotating gobo wheels with a remarkable new collection of optimized gobo patterns for both aerial and projected imagery. Dual animation wheels provide dynamic motion effects as well as the chromatically tuned Dichro*Fusion effect. The beam can be further modified via the precise four blade shutter system and mechanical iris. An independent prism with divergence control and variable frost are also implemented into the luminaire.

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Hedge Hog

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The Hog range just got broader. HedgeHog 4 and 4 Network are the littlest of the range and still pack quite a punch running the same software as all the other Hogs. Both come with ArtNet and CITP capabilities and are designed for small to mid level shows. They are compact, lightweight and easy to take on a plane!

Running on Linux, they are fast, stable and ready to Hog. Whether being used in a school theatre, nightclub, corporate event, medium scale rental job or church, they are the perfect consoles. Retaining the same programming layout as their larger brother, the Road Hog 4, as well as being able to load showfiles from any of the range (and vice versa) means that this compact console range is extremely flexible and easy to use.

HedgeHog 4N will, in addition to the above, make a perfect remote focus and dimmer city console, with its ability to network with the bigger hogs in the fleet!

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Viper Profile

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The MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output profile luminaire with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality and a highly efficient optical system. It outperforms all market-leading profiles in the 1200-watt range and is even an alternative to 1500-watt fixtures.

The Viper Profile is not only brighter, it is also a faster and more compact solution. With its 1000-watt HID source, the Viper consumes less power, making it over 50% more efficient than its 1200-watt rivals.

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SGM has introduced two revolutionary new LED strobes — designed to deliver the same output as conventional strobes from one fifth of the power.
Experience the extreme luminous output of nearly 3,000 pure white LEDs placed into three individually controllable LED segments. The X-5 makes it possi¬ble to create unique effects never delivered before by a strobe.

The X-5 is a lightweight, compact and ultra-high performance LED strobe with an exceptionally low power consumption of only 4 Amps. The X-5 is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing an alternative to traditional, expensive and fragile Xenon lamps.

As with all SGM’s new LED models, cooling methods have been improved via rectangular heat-sinks, set-up and address procedures improved with the aid of internal diagnostics, and control procedures implemented to ensure that lamps run flicker-free.

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