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Novatech Creative Event Technology’s in-house content production studio had a busy 2014, bringing the best of high-resolution video and studio quality audio to live events across Australia. Trent Heaft, Novatech’s Studio and Content Coordinator, has been leading a huge range of projects, including creative direction and content production for Port Power’s team entry – The Power Surge, wall-to-wall period projections for the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society’s 175th gala dinner, full court projections for the Constellation Cup netball in Melbourne and Sydney and collateral for the new-look Adelaide United Football Club day and Friday Night Football games.

“AUFC refreshed the look of all its material for both the day and night games for the new season including Friday Night Football,” explained Trent. “For the Friday night games, they’ve gone for a cool blue look, incorporating images of the stadium lights. So we’ve helped them out by redoing all the video and audio of their player profiles, attendance, match slides and adverts. It was definitely a big year for the studio creating twice the amount of content than the previous year and 2015 is already proving to be an even bigger year!”

It’s not just AUFC that has benefitted from Novatech’s capability to generate the highest quality video and audio content to spec. Organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola, Santos, Flinders University, Netball Australia and the South Australian Government have all turned to Novatech for content production.

“We work with video and 2D and 3D animation but what sets us apart from most commercial studios is that we regularly output video at 8K to 12K,” Trent continued. “As far as I know, PIXAR doesn’t even render out at that res! We run the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for video production, and for 3D animation we use Maxon’s Cinema 4D Studio.”¬

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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 85th Annual Scientific Congress

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The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons held its Annual Scientific Congress in Auckland last week. The congress involved over 2,000 delegates; spanning 22 rooms; 3 city blocks; with a total of over 700 presentations in just 5 days. Kojo Events, the preffered technical production providor, engaged Novatech to design, commission, and manage a custom presentation management system able to cope with the preparation, playback, recording, editing, and webcasting each presentation.

Over the past number of months the Novatech team has designed and built a system that is capable of handling up to 30 simultaneous rooms for both live and record environments. The in-room systems have been carefully designed to provide an easy to use and cutting edge system, allowing for any operator to successfully operate. Each system is identical and uses industry standard components.

In addition to the in-room requirements Novatech has acquired a fleet of back of house equipment to expand the capabilities of the system. High performance HP Z800 render workstations and Dell Poweredge servers handle all of the recorded content. Speaker support and preparation terminals have been selected to streamline the handling of presentaitons en mass.

Novatech provided 14 custom ePosters setups, allowing delegates to view a series of research posters for each surgical discipline. This content was live updating as surgeons submitted these to our speaker support team.

Working closely with the Kojo Events team headed up by Andrew Ely, the event’s Executive Producer, a solution was crafted to provide effective and robust management of the enormous conference while being able to maintain a 100% delivery of services. With very little time, the Novatech team of 8 staff were able to build and prep the entire event over just 2 days.

Novatech’s webcast team provided an automated workflow process and offered advanced video editing techniques providing a high quality recording ready for webcast in a time and cost effective manner. Sessions were processed as they finished in each room and after the congress concluded on the Friday every presentation was online ready for viewing 25 minutes later.

With a keen eye on forward planning and flexibility a completely digital system has been developed allowing for stage monitoring of presenter notes, remote management of audio and video record levels, laptops to be provided by presenters at either the stage or ops location and a choice of either wired or wireless presentation control.

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Conference Management

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In-Room System
The In-Room system consists of a number of different pieces of technology that have been coupled together to create a streamlined ecosystem for presentation management. A pair of desktops drive the content, based around the CAPSTAN system. These computers output through a KVM switch that controls both primary and secondary monitor outputs plus switches the audio sources. There is provisioning for an Apple based laptop at the control point or a laptop from stage. All devices have network connectivity provided through the venue’s IT infrastructure, with a network switch in the rack distributing this internally. The operator monitors are loomed in such a way that the monitors can be up to 4m away from the rack. There is a fold back screen on stage that will always show the presenter notes of whichever computer has been selected. The recorder will automatically record exactly what is shown on the in-room screen, along with audio sourced from the in-room audio control position. PowerPoint control will be provided via a DSAN mini box, a unit that is capable of hardwired control. Each room will be equipped with a green laser pointer, allowing for annotating the in-room screen.

Speaker Support
Speaker support workstations are to be configured in such a way that the presenter is comfortable with the presentations look and its functionality in the room. This is achieved by having dual 22” screens at the speaker support area, allowing for the presenter notes and the PowerPoint to be viewed simultaneously. The workstations are also going to be configured identically to the in-room computers. This will ensure there is consistency between the rooms and the speaker support, what works in one will work in the other.

Back of House Environment
The Back of House environment consists of a number of computers, all of which have access to both the internet and the private internal network. There will be a pair of video editing workstations, both high end units that are capable of rendering out large files at above real-time speeds. There is a storage server where the pending video files will be stored, along with all rendered files for backup purposes. Ten 27” iMacs are being taken to use as workstations for key crew members, who all need access to a workstation that is identical to the units in the rooms. Greg Rogers from Kojo Events is bringing a number of Mac Mini servers, capable of running the Capstan system. Printers and wireless access points will also be scattered throughout the speaker support centre for the use of staff only.

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SA State Brand Launch

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South Australia launched a bold new brand for the state on Wednesday the 6th of March in the iconic Elder Park. Novatech was bought in to provide full audio visual services for the media launch event held in the park itself as well as provide the technical equipment required for the special reveal on the sails of the Festival Theatre.

Kojo Events managed the launch and worked closely with Novatech to ensure that the event was world class. For the official media launch a pavilion was built in the middle of Elder Park with a viewing platform facing the festival theatre. Utilising L’Acoustics 112P Speakers and 8XT for delays the audio was crystal clear throughout the venue. A Barco RLM-W8 projector was used for its high resolution output and accurate colour reproduction. This ensured that the new brand was shown the way it was designed to be seen. An LED video screen was utilised in the park for general public to view the event. This was run off a discreet output from a Panasonic AV-HS410 digital mixer. The conclusion of the event invited the gathered media and dignitaries to move to the viewing platform for the major reveal.

The reveal featured a full motion video created by some of South Australia’s best content designers projected directly on to the iconic Festival Theatre roof culminating in the unfolding of the new SA State Brand Logo. Designing a show for such a complicated projection and build was an intensive process, combining Kojo Productions designing the content, Kojo Events managing the extensive process, Novatech Creative Event Technology providing the hardware and projection design, and Nils Porrmann from Dandelion-Burdock designing the d3 project and assisting with content design. The event had a reasonably short lead time and a few challenges to overcome!

The projection surface included a number of faces of the Festival Theatre roof facing Elder Park, with a total canvas size in excess of 50m in wide. A further challenge was the only suitable projection point being over 18m above ground level! Novatech provided a 20m temporary scaffolding tower to support the 9 Barco HD-20 projectors necessary to cover the surface. The 9 HD-20’s were supported by 3 d3 4RU servers driving the content out of 5 individual full high definition outputs. All up with the projectors, d3 servers and cabling nearly 2 tonne of weight had to be hoisted to the top of the scaffold tower! Offcourse a spectacular video requires a moving musical score. To ensure the sound was as immersive as the video a single stack of 6 L-Acoustics KUDO speakers running in full range mode were installed on the grass in front of the Theatre. This system provided more than enough reinforcement to wow the audience.

Due to the challenging conditions and strict deadlines Novatech’s team of experts were able to build the entire revel system, align all projectors, map d3, and have the show ready in one night!

The entire reveal sequence lasted only five minutes but the audience was thoroughly impressed with the dynamic and edgy composition. This presentation was featured three times a night over five days, attracting a large amount of media attention.

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Panasonic AV-HS410

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Panasonics AV-HS410 was the perfect addition to Novatech’s ever expanding video inventory. The AV-HS410 is both compact and flexible. With 8 HD-SDI and 3 DVI-D (2 on an expansion card) the AV-HS410 is just as happy in the back of a ballroom switching cameras and laptops for a corporate dinner as it is back stage at a rock concert. With a multi-view preview out you no longer need a monitor for every camera. With a built in 7” LCD which can show input and output videos, waveform readings and even the multi-view display this switcher is truly an all in one champion.

Key Features

HD/SD multi-format support, including 1080/24PsF System frequency: 60 Hz/50 Hz/24 Hz switchable
Standard inputs: 8 SDI (HD/SD) and 1 DVI-D Standard outputs: 5 SDI (HD/SD) and 1 DVI-D. Expandable to up to 13 inputs or 9 outputs using popular AV-HS04M-series option boards
Equipped with 4 up-converter channels, 8 dot by dot channels, and eight 16-axis video processing channels
The new Video Memory function allows recording and playback of 2 inputs for still or moving pictures with key signals.
The new Memory Preview function improves live relays by providing previews of shot memory and event memory image effects
Compact, one-piece single rack width design ideal for small control rooms and mobile applications
All input channels feature switchable frame synchronizers

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Novatech Symphony of Light

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The Novatech Symphony of Light at the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show was a resounding success. With well over 100 people at the first show Novatech made the decision to double the number of viewings a day from 11 to 22. Over the two weeks of the Show the performance had been ran over 280 times and was viewed more than 50,000 people.

Novatech Symphony of Light was a spectacular orchestra of light perfectly synchronized to iconic classical concertos. Two of our experienced lighting designers chose one song each to create spectacular and contrasting effects for. Boasting 82 individual lighting fixtures consisting of 42 GLP Impressions, 33 1m LED Tubes, 16 Litecraft LED Multipars and 8 Vari*Lite VL3500Q’s controlled from a GrandMA2 lighting console. The 4000 plus cues were programmed in house at Novatech’s Underdale facility using GrandMA 3d over several months.

The Royal Adelaide Show’s new technology pavilion was the perfect place to showcase this exciting new concept and Novatech is looking forward to the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show to bring another spectacle to the general public.

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Novatech d3 Studio!

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Novatech Creative Event Technology is also pleased to announce Australia’s first d3 studio at its offices in Underdale, South Australia. Novatech has created a unique world class studio to complement our investment in d3. The d3 studio allows designers and producers the opportunity to completely build their projects from the ground up and test them in the 3d environment.

When building the studio Novatech made the decision to incorporate a brand new Content Production suite which has become home to the latest full spec Mac Pro system loaded with the full suite of Adobe CS6 Master collection as well as Final Cut 7 and a vast variety of design and support programs all delivered on dual Apple 27” Cinema displays with sound delivered by Grover Notting Code 5 monitor speakers. If that wasn’t enough Novatech also threw in a Pro Tools HD 3 96 channel Recording and Playback System.

Novatech demands the absolute for d3, so we decided to add a HP Z800 workstation dedicated for d3 pre-production and design. This unit has 48GB of RAM, dual quad core Intel CPU’s, solid state media drives, dual nVidia Quadro 5000 GPU’s, with a nVidia Tesla K20 card on its way! The powerful combination is backed by Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, Adobe Master Collection CS6, and a d3 designer dongle. This unit has four others in hire, ready to serve all d3 or content production needs.

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Australia Day in the City 2012

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Australia Day 2012 saw 30,000+ revelers celebrating in the heart of Adelaide at the annual Australia Day in the City event presented by Adelaide City Council and the Australia Day Council of SA. This years celebrations were topped off by a free public concert featuring Aussie pop stars Stan Walker and Ricki-Lee.

We constructed our 12x9x8m CLS ground support stage with an out-rigged arch for a 6m VuePix LED screen. Our new L’Acoustics LARAK driven KARA line array and SB18 subwoofers provided for brilliant sound with our Avid VENUE Profile system at front of house. The stage sends were mixed on our Yamaha M7 console.

The lighting rig included a mixture of Martin MAC700s, GLP Impression 90 LED washes, Chromlech Jarags as well as Kupo par cans and Selecon fresnels. Haze was created using 2 Base Hazer Pros. Lighting was controlled using our Road Hog Full Boar lighting console.

Novatech also directed the live video of the event supplying the production crew and equipment. The digital system consisted of Sony broadcast cameras controlled by CCU as well as a Sony BRC300 robotic camera. Switching was via a Sony DFS300. A Sound Devices Pix240 was utilized for capture. Signal was sent to the LED screen across 50m of fiber optic cable.

See more photos from the event on the Australia Day Council of SA’s Facebook page:

Bay Sheffield 2011

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The annual Bay Sheffield once again took place in 2011 at Colley Reserve Glenelg and Novatech were there providing live video coverage and replays for the trackside LED screens.

Novatech installed a four camera SDI video system consisting of Sony XDCAM PMW350 cameras as well as Sony BRC300 robotic camera for the finish line. Switching was done on a Sony DFS700 and capture was to an AJA Ki-Pro.

Video, Video, Video

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July and August have been very busy for the team in the Video Production and Content Creation Department with several video shoots and many motion graphic presentations currenty in production.

Working with Coopers, Lion Nathan and Carlton United Breweries our video team has been out and about shooting videos for the AHA|SA awards night in August. The project involved location shoots at CUB’s new distubution centre, several hotels in Rundle Street and part of the production involved the use of a green screen studio that was contructed at Novatech.

The SA Lotteries Agency Excellence Awards, Business SA Export Awards, Heart Foundation Paint The Town Red Auction Dinner and Australian Hotels Association Awards are just a few of the screen presentations recently produced at Novatech. All presentations are heavily video based and were created using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

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