The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia turns 175 with Novatech

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It’s not every day you celebrate your 175th birthday. South Australia’s Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society is the institution behind the Royal Show, and the second oldest organisation in the state after the Police Force. With deep connections to the State’s primary producers and a special place in the heart of every child who’s ever been to the Show, it befitted such a beloved institution to celebrate in style. 

1,500 members of the Society were invited to attend a gala dinner at the Goyder Pavilion of the Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 26th July. Unbeknownst to most of the guests, one of Australia’s leading production companies, Adelaide’s Novatech Creative Event Technology, started technical preparations for the event months beforehand. Novatech had four giant cycloramas custom manufactured for the event. With two measuring 74 metres x 9 metres and two at 50 meters x 9 metres, the diners were surrounded by an enormous canvas that was used to project imagery and video illustrating the long and rich history of the RAHS.

Hanging in the centre of the room above the presentation stage, four projection screens carried live images of hosts and guest speakers, as well as pre-made custom video content. Handling the pre-visualisation, projection mapping, content storage, delivery and live switching of the complex video presentation were five of Novatech’s industry-leading d3 Technologies media servers, including two of d3’s new 4x4pro models. The combination of d3’s incredibly powerful software and hardware allowed Novatech to model the physical requirements of the system at the design stage, map the vision across projectors, store and distribute a vast amount of content in High Definition and output 15 independent video streams at once. As the event images demonstrate, the results were breathtaking. 

But it wasn’t just digital sweat that powered the show; over 1000 crew hours were dedicated to the event. Technical work started at the venue early in the week, with staff spending two days setting up before a rehearsal on the day of the show. Amazingly, after the guests had left, the entire rig was removed from the venue in just three hours. In addition to the state-of-the-art video system, Novatech provided all projection, screens, lighting, audio, signal distribution and drapes, including a huge 304 meters of black drapes hung behind the cycloramas to control light spill from backstage and catering areas.

Audio was more than capably handled with a six zone PA of L’Acoustics Kara, supplemented with L’Acoustics SB18 subwoofers. Bands worked across two stages, and were mixed from an AVID Profile digital desk. Martin Mac Vipers, Clay Paky Sharpy’s and GLP X4’s lit the stages, with 16 more Mac Vipers and 48 X4’s covering the tables. ETC Source Four Profiles illuminated the remaining entrance way, foyer, and backstage areas. Lighting control was tasked to an MA Lighting MA2. Projectors included 14 Barco FLM HD20s and four Barco RLM W8s. Video distribution was via Optocore, with a fail-safe redundant video switching system provided by Lightware. Three JVC HD video cameras were used to capture live video, distributed with no visible delay through the d3 system.

Now, it just wouldn’t be show business if the crew didn’t silently and efficiently avert a major crisis without anyone being the wiser. One hour before guests were due to walk through the door, a false alarm activated the building’s fire alarms and extractor fans. The resultant suction caused the giant, sail-like cycloramas to physically move out of position, which meant the focus and setup of 18 separate video projectors, which had taken hours to set, had to be changed as quickly as possible. Novatech’s crew not only achieved this, but did it all remotely from their video control room with only a single camera feed from the room to guide them. Now that’s how you put on a Royal Show!

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Novatech’s OneSystem© excels at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Large association and conferencing has never been easier. Novatech’s unique and incredibly scalable product, OneSystem© played an integral role in one of the largest Asia Pacific scientific meetings recently held at Marina Bay sands, Singapore.

OneSystem© is a custom built, network driven conferencing system that allows multiple sites to prepare, playback, record, present and webcast presentations rapidly.  OneSystem© racks are setup in presentation spaces, interfaced with the room’s existing AV systems and networked to a central monitoring location.

OneSystem© combines all the necessary integration and presentation requirements called for in today’s hybrid conferencing world. Content management & distribution, digital recording of each session and extremely efficient webcasting service are key elements of the OneSystem© design.

See our attached OneSystem brochure.

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Australian Hotels Association Awards 2013

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For our involvement with this event for the fifth consecutive year, Novatech wanted to try something unique. The result: The backdrop of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre was covered with over two hundred square metres of physical projection and LED video canvas.

To make this show happen, Novatech had the perfect product for the job - Three d3 Technologies 4U Media Servers which were employed to handle the task of running video & audio playback for the entire event. Before a single piece of equipment was loaded for the show, Novatech was able to walk the client through each cue in the comfort of our purpose built studio - Australia’s only d3 Studio. This gave the client a realistic vision of what the show would look like from any seat in the house and left enough time to make any changes necessary before rehearsals.

Novatech turned to Nils Porrmann of Dandelion & Burdock for a simple, all-in-one content solution. The choice to involve Dandelion & Burdock on this event was simple. We wanted an open dialogue during the entire creation process and it was helpful that Nils has vast experience with d3.

Running the recently released r11 software from d3 Technologies, three 4U Servers were used to output to five HD Barco projectors, one LED processor, and one LCD monitor. The seven individual outputs were fed through a Liteware FR33 DVI Matrix enabling seamless automated switching to a backup machine - in the unlikely event of a failure. With a large canvas size and running multiple video and graphics layers, each of the 4U servers were running an equivalent of 11.6HD videos at once – and with the new software release capable of running 12HD videos, this was achieved without a single dropped frame!

On top of all the awards content running from d3, a live camera signal was also fed into the system enabling it to be sent to any screen, at any time throughout the night. With an impressive delay of just two frames, you would be forgiven for assuming that a video switcher was in d3’s place.

To complement the immersive video environment, a large lighting rig was designed to include Clay Paky Sharpys, Varilite 3500 Spots, Mac200 Profile & Wash and the new Nexus 4x4 Panels
from Chauvet. The final result was an impressive show that exceeded client expectations as well as wowing the people in attendance.

The bar has been set at a very high level for next year’s event!

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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 85th Annual Scientific Congress

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The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons held its Annual Scientific Congress in Auckland last week. The congress involved over 2,000 delegates; spanning 22 rooms; 3 city blocks; with a total of over 700 presentations in just 5 days. Kojo Events, the preffered technical production providor, engaged Novatech to design, commission, and manage a custom presentation management system able to cope with the preparation, playback, recording, editing, and webcasting each presentation.

Over the past number of months the Novatech team has designed and built a system that is capable of handling up to 30 simultaneous rooms for both live and record environments. The in-room systems have been carefully designed to provide an easy to use and cutting edge system, allowing for any operator to successfully operate. Each system is identical and uses industry standard components.

In addition to the in-room requirements Novatech has acquired a fleet of back of house equipment to expand the capabilities of the system. High performance HP Z800 render workstations and Dell Poweredge servers handle all of the recorded content. Speaker support and preparation terminals have been selected to streamline the handling of presentaitons en mass.

Novatech provided 14 custom ePosters setups, allowing delegates to view a series of research posters for each surgical discipline. This content was live updating as surgeons submitted these to our speaker support team.

Working closely with the Kojo Events team headed up by Andrew Ely, the event’s Executive Producer, a solution was crafted to provide effective and robust management of the enormous conference while being able to maintain a 100% delivery of services. With very little time, the Novatech team of 8 staff were able to build and prep the entire event over just 2 days.

Novatech’s webcast team provided an automated workflow process and offered advanced video editing techniques providing a high quality recording ready for webcast in a time and cost effective manner. Sessions were processed as they finished in each room and after the congress concluded on the Friday every presentation was online ready for viewing 25 minutes later.

With a keen eye on forward planning and flexibility a completely digital system has been developed allowing for stage monitoring of presenter notes, remote management of audio and video record levels, laptops to be provided by presenters at either the stage or ops location and a choice of either wired or wireless presentation control.

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Conference Management

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In-Room System
The In-Room system consists of a number of different pieces of technology that have been coupled together to create a streamlined ecosystem for presentation management. A pair of desktops drive the content, based around the CAPSTAN system. These computers output through a KVM switch that controls both primary and secondary monitor outputs plus switches the audio sources. There is provisioning for an Apple based laptop at the control point or a laptop from stage. All devices have network connectivity provided through the venue’s IT infrastructure, with a network switch in the rack distributing this internally. The operator monitors are loomed in such a way that the monitors can be up to 4m away from the rack. There is a fold back screen on stage that will always show the presenter notes of whichever computer has been selected. The recorder will automatically record exactly what is shown on the in-room screen, along with audio sourced from the in-room audio control position. PowerPoint control will be provided via a DSAN mini box, a unit that is capable of hardwired control. Each room will be equipped with a green laser pointer, allowing for annotating the in-room screen.

Speaker Support
Speaker support workstations are to be configured in such a way that the presenter is comfortable with the presentations look and its functionality in the room. This is achieved by having dual 22” screens at the speaker support area, allowing for the presenter notes and the PowerPoint to be viewed simultaneously. The workstations are also going to be configured identically to the in-room computers. This will ensure there is consistency between the rooms and the speaker support, what works in one will work in the other.

Back of House Environment
The Back of House environment consists of a number of computers, all of which have access to both the internet and the private internal network. There will be a pair of video editing workstations, both high end units that are capable of rendering out large files at above real-time speeds. There is a storage server where the pending video files will be stored, along with all rendered files for backup purposes. Ten 27” iMacs are being taken to use as workstations for key crew members, who all need access to a workstation that is identical to the units in the rooms. Greg Rogers from Kojo Events is bringing a number of Mac Mini servers, capable of running the Capstan system. Printers and wireless access points will also be scattered throughout the speaker support centre for the use of staff only.

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Premium Wine Brands

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PIM Group and Novatech team up for the Premium Wine Brands annual conference

PIM Group and Novatech up once again to produce another world class event. PIM Group and Novatech Creative Event Technology worked closely together to come up with a concept for Premium Wine Brands international conference to be held in the Barossa Valley. The brief was to build a screen that engulfs the audience.

To fulfil this brief Novatech’s d3 system was used for pre-visualisation and media server duties in the build up to the event and as the media server and projection mapper. Using 6 projectors and a screen measuring over 45 meters wide Novatech was able to create an immersive image that was twice the width, 3 times as bright and 4 times the resolution of a standard cinema screen. 

Leko Novakovic, managing director of Novatech, said “We were told that it couldn’t be done. Rigging 6 projectors from a pavilion and blending them together while battling winds and the settling of the structure into the ground made it a challenging task. At the end of the week when John Stevens played his last song we had achieved what was supposed to be impossible.”

To make the conference part of the event more engaging a custom built white news desk for that talk show like feel was integrated into the set. Discreet sound reinforcement, lighting, a videographer, speaker support staff and video production were also supplied.

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Novatech Teams Up With Kojo In Melbourne

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It is no secret that when it comes to premium audio visual and technical services, we are the supplier of choice for a vast number of corporate events and conferences both locally and interstate.

We were recently in Melbourne to team up with Kojo Events who’s creative team in concert with the Novatech team designed a spectacular b-spoke event for their client, Kmart. The venue chosen for the 1000 guests was the Peninsula Room in the iconic Docklands precinct. Novatech provided design,technical production and labour services for this highly demanding event with one of the key elements being a 16ft x 6ft, 360° ring screen complete with four Barco RLM-W8 projectors used for the conference session. Immediately following the conference, a rock themed stage with one of the largest analogue light shows seen in years and a cocktail bar was revealed to the guests through a custom built curtain reveal system.

As you can imagine, a great night was had by all.

Seven Network’s 2012 Program Launch

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Press* Food and Wine on Waymouth Street, Adelaide was the venue chosen for the Seven Network’s 2012 program launch. This exclusive event was hosted by Seven’s Jane Doyle and John Riddell and featured personalities from shows such as Please Marry My Boy, My Kitchen Rules and Packed to the Rafters.

The guest list, made up of local advertisers and media, heard from Seven’s national CEO of Network Broadcast and were then treated to a sneak preview of Seven’s line up of programs for 2012.

The audio visual supplied by Novatech included high-definition projection,  65” LCD display panels and a high performance L’Acoustics sound system.

Australia Day Luncheon 2012

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As part of the week of events and celebrations leading up to Australia Day we supplied audio visual gear and operators for the 2012 Australia Day Luncheon in Adelaide Entertainment Centre’s Theater. Hosted by Channel 9’s Cossy the event featured the launch of Australia Post’s Australia Day stamp collection ‘Australian Legends’ as well as a stand up routine by comedian Tom Gleeson.

Bedford Achievement Awards

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Novatech are proud supporters of the Bedford Achievement Awards. These awards recognise the contributions of individuals and teams within the Bedford community. Novatech provided the audio, sound and lighting for this year’s event, which was held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Congratulations to all of the participants. 

Port Adelaide Back in Black

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The Port Adelaide Football Club is the most successful Club in Australia, boasting an amazing 37 Premierships. Since establishment in 1870, Port has dominated South Australian football and judging by the success of their ˜Back in Black” campaign, they have every intention of returning to the top.

As the official Audio Visual provider for Port Adelaide, Novatech worked closely with the Powers Event Manager Tara MacLeod and her team in designing and delivering two events. One was held at the Allan Scott Power Headquarters and the other at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  In addition to the technically demanding Audio Visual requirements, these events provided Novatech the opportunity to utilise our new crystal drapes.

Ice Cocktail Party

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When Novatech Creative Event Technology was approached by Deb Budich from dbusiness and Julian Burton to assist with the 2011 Julian Burton Burns Trust Ice Cocktail Party, the brief was simple…  We needed to deliver the “cocktail party of the year”. The event took on a whole new meaning once we’d heard the story of a single parent family, struggling with the medical needs of 12 year old burn victim, Dylan. 

Novatech provided extensive production elements, not only to transform the new Adelaide Oval members function room into an “ice wonderland”, but also built a spectacular reveal for the 7 seater car that was given to the family.  This gift was realised from money raised by the Julian Burton Burns Trust through the generous sponsorship of corporate business in South Australia.

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