Novatech’s L’Acoustics K2

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have cemented their reputation as Australia’s biggest supporter of the legendary PA manufacturer L-ACOUSTICS by being among the first companies in the world to take on a major inventory of their new K2 line array system. A full 48 K2 elements supported by 16 K1-SB’s will call Novatech home, making them the go-to supplier for many discerning event managers, corporate clients, touring acts and festivals.

L-ACOUSTICS started the modern line array revolution in 1994 with the release of V-DOSC and changed the performance expectations of PA systems forever. They have continued to innovate, using scientifically rigorous research to bring high-performing product to market, all designed with the ultimate goal of providing the perfect audience experience.

Novatech share L-ACOUSTICS philosophies and have developed a long and prosperous relationship. The only all-L-ACOUSTICS production house in Australia, Novatech stock over 400 individual loudspeakers powered by 48 LA-RAKs, their proprietary signal processing and amplification solution.

“The superior quality of the L-Acoustics product range speaks for itself” said James Sacca, Project Manager and Head of Audio at Novatech. “It’s supported by their world-wide acclaim and popularity amongst the most sought-after touring engineers and system designers. With its immediate demand since entering the market place the new K2 product has once again exceeded all expectations. Requests for the system began flooding the worldwide market from the day it was put into circulation. Our purchase of the K2 system not only solidifies our belief in the brand and their product but helps to strengthen our inventory and allow us to offer a product to a varying range of clients and markets that until now we were unable to service”.

L-ACOUSTICS’ huge popularity in the US and Europe has seen the first production runs of K2 heavily oversubscribed. Further stock is now unavailable until late 2015 and it is testament to Novatech’s close relationship with L-ACOUSTICS that such a large and comprehensive system will ship to Australia at this early stage of production.

“We have been working closely with the team at L-Acoustics since our original investment into their systems” shared Leko Novakovic, Managing Director of Novatech. “Our shared passion for their products and attention to every detail attributes to the close bond that our companies share. We have been focused on and planning for the development of the K2 for some time and share in the excitement of its release. We are honoured to be considered amongst the world’s leading production companies and able to offer the K2 system to the Australian market”.

Before the K2 system has even been unpacked, it has already been booked for several key events at the end of 2014. Novatech Creative Event Technology will be running a special industry event late in 2014 to celebrate their K2 system’s commissioning, when the leading figures of Australia’s corporate, theatre, events and production community will converge on Adelaide to experience the new benchmark in PA performance for themselves.

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Novatech’s OneSystem© excels at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Large association and conferencing has never been easier. Novatech’s unique and incredibly scalable product, OneSystem© played an integral role in one of the largest Asia Pacific scientific meetings recently held at Marina Bay sands, Singapore.

OneSystem© is a custom built, network driven conferencing system that allows multiple sites to prepare, playback, record, present and webcast presentations rapidly.  OneSystem© racks are setup in presentation spaces, interfaced with the room’s existing AV systems and networked to a central monitoring location.

OneSystem© combines all the necessary integration and presentation requirements called for in today’s hybrid conferencing world. Content management & distribution, digital recording of each session and extremely efficient webcasting service are key elements of the OneSystem© design.

See our attached OneSystem brochure.

For more information please contact our sales staff on +61 8 8352 0300 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Christmas Closure

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Although it is a busy time for our crew and events team, our offices will be closed from December 21st to January 5th. We are available if you should need us urgently.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and have a safe & happy New Year.

Words From The Wise One

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It’s been a while since we’ve sent out some news from our world so I’m glad to see this newsletter up and running again with a new look and feel.

For our ‘quiet time’, things have been pretty busy around Novatech of late. We’ve had a stack or corporate gigs of various sizes through the winter months plus our perm hires (venues using our equipment) have gone from strength to strength as well.

We’ve introduced some new crew to the business plus we’ve made 2 key appointments to our staff. Firstly, Jay Wheeler joined us as our Marketing Manager and Head of Studio. Jay has over 23 years experience in the Advertising & Marketing game and will help us consistently deliver our brand to our customers as well as manage & grow our content studio. The second appointment is the return of Dior Yarwood in the new role of Director, Business Operations. Dior rejoins us after a stint over in the ‘States’ and is working on the whole of business, helping put process and procedure in place as well as identifying new business opportunities.

It’s an exciting era at Novatech as we gear up for the busy season - we’re ready.

(Too many comms in this photo?)

Leko Novakovic
Managing Director

Darwin Festival 2013

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Once again, Novatech was proud to be involved in the Darwin Festival this year. This 18 day feast of music, theatre, dance, cabaret and art is a massive event in the Darwin Calendar and has been running in one form or another for 35 years.

We set up, ran and packed down this major event at multiple venues with George’s Green and Festival Park in particular coming alive with massive stages utilising Novatech equipment and staff. It was a fantastic time to be up in the top end.

We sent up 7 crew in total with 2 staying up there for the duration of the festival, plus 2 x 40’ high cube containers housing over 600 pieces of lighting, audio and video equipment.

There was plenty of down time during the days (with many events in the evening) that left our lads to explore some of Darwin’s attractions. There was a visit to Litchfield National Park, trips to the Wave Pool, a fishing charter plus a couple of the boys managed some dirt biking and even jumping out of a perfectly good plane - why wouldn’t you ?

As it was quite warm, there were also a few quiet beverages consumed - purely for re-hydration of course.

Between the sun and the mozzies, lesser men would have been taken down but our crew of Whitey, Sacca, Reggie, Tassie, Pagey, Menk and Pauly are a resilient lot. Either that or their re-hydration techniques proved just as effective in warding off the enemy.

With everyone back now and the containers fully unloaded, equipment comprehensively tested and now back in circulation, it’s onto the next event, taking note of the various experiences Darwin had to offer and looking forward to doing it all again next year and hopefully for many more to come.

Darwin, you were awesome.

AHA Awards 2013

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August also saw the Australian Hoteliers Association of South Australia’s annual Awards Night, showcasing the best hotels and associated areas in the state.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that Novatech has been involved in this event (mainly due to our love of licensed premises) and we decided to considerably ‘up the ante’ on the techy side. Insert ‘d3’. Actually, insert 3 x d3 4U media servers tasked with running the video and audio playback for the entire event and adding a new dimension to the show.

Add to this a live camera feed which, running through d3, allowed it to be sent to any screen, at any time throughout the night.

The end result was flexibility and control. We were able to plan the entire night in our new Pre-Vis Suite - The only d3 Studio in Australia. This gave the client a fantastic and realistic vision of what the show would look like from any seat in the house without having to leave our studio. This also gave us time to make changes and adjustments with a ‘hindsight’ ability normally reserved for post events.

Watch this space for more stories on our d3 events.

Savour Australia

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Savour Australia was the biggest and most comprehensive Australian wine forum ever undertaken. A three day business forum held in multiple venues across Adelaide including the Adelaide Convention Centre and the National Wine Centre, the forum was designed to uncover business cases for Australian wine both locally and on a global scale.

Novatech supplied the A/V support at many venues but also helped design templates for guest speakers and overall content design via our Content Studio.

Leko was at the event for most of the three days and not only helped run the A/V side of things, but was regularly seen ‘sampling’ the many wines on location in an attempt to ‘understand the brand better’.

That’s dedication to a client right there ladies & gentlemen. We didn’t see him with the same dedication at the Recycle Old Waste Convention ?

It must be a new thing.

Regardless, it should all equate to more prosperous sales of Australia’s finest drops - Cheers.

AFL Grand Final Breakfast

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That last Saturday in September. What a glorious time of the year it was - well, if your team happened to be Hawthorn or Fremantle. Even better if your team was the Hawks. What a great game.

To start it all off, Novatech was a sponsor of the Roger Rasheed Grand Final breakfast held at the National Wine Centre.

The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation aims to enrich underprivileged children’s lives through sport. There are heaps of kids out there who have never had a chance to play a sport, own a piece of equipment or even meet a sporting hero or champion. We take a lot of that stuff for granted. It doesn’t sound that earth shattering at first thought, but when you ponder the statement further you realise sport impacts a child’s life in a large way. Social interaction, drive, desire to achieve, all come from many things in our world - but ‘sport’ is one of the first things and longest lasting. It’s a great cause and we were proud to play a part in the GF Breakfast.

It was a fantastic way to kick start the day. Our MC was non-other than Wayne ‘Flipper’ Phillips who, apart from being a gifted cricketer in his day, is a great MC who doesn’t disappoint with the humour factor.

Wayne spent most of his time reminding everyone not only what a great cause the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation is, but also what a great and skilled cricketer he was. There was much banter on this topic throughout the event.

The highlight of the morning, was undoubtedly the super panel discussion session, who took questions and dissected the upcoming game - Mark Bickley, Rory Sloan & Travis Boak (current ambassadors), Tyson Edwards, Darren Burgess and Graham Cornes. Comments from Flipper and Roger Rasheed rounded out the discussion.

A great day and most importantly, great support and money raised for this important foundation.

Meet the team – Marcus ‘Martha Stewart’ Watt

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Marcus - or Whitey as we know him, is a manly man. He runs marathons, does Tough Mudder, shaves his head…....and bakes. Yep, Whitey is responsible for much of the weight gain at Novatech due to his continuous supply of delicious treats winding up in the staff kitchen for all to devour.

We’re not talking about the occasional packet chocolate cake or home made sausage roll - oh no people, we are talking about some gourmet stuff right here.

Pictured above is a shot we swiped from his facebook page that he brought into the office to annoy the healthy eaters amongst us (needless to say one person nearly walked out in disgust….nearly).

A rainbow lemon cheesecake and a chocolate brownie snickers icecream cake. Really Whitey ?  We would have been happy with vanilla icecream and a bowl of malteasers.

We are thinking of sponsoring his cooking for our staff lunches in the future but pretty sure we’d all have to replace our wardrobes with some new clothes….all in XXXL !

Topical chit-chat

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BSL - Breed Specific Legislation or Bull-Shit Laws?

‘One and the same’ says Jay Wheeler, Novatech’s Marketing Manager.

This is all the rage at the moment. Various State Governments and councils are taking up the charge of BSL in an attempt to curb dog attacks. Fortunately, SA thinks there are better ways.

BSL judges a dog’s temperament by the breed that they belong to and imposes restrictions or bans on everything from ownership to ‘existence’ of that breed.

Dog temperaments are usually the product of the environment they live in and more importantly, their owners.

Let’s be clear - I have a Pitbull. Her name is ‘Jaffa’ and she’s two.

The ribbon was my wife’s idea. How did you get the ribbon on the collar of such a ferocious animal I hear you ask ?  We simply tied it on there. Sure, we had to deal with a few licks on our hands but ‘soap’ fixes that.

Jaffa, like almost every dog I’ve ever come into contact with, is a product of her environment. We treat her with respect, love her, feed her well, exercise her and see that she has a happy life. In return, she makes us laugh every day. Most importantly, we understand that as an animal, she is not ‘human’ and therefore has characteristics that require attentive discipline. Nothing harsh or heavy. Just a stern ‘no’ at times and some training as what to do or not to do when in the company or others. Simple stuff really.

Don’t believe all the stories about specific breeds of dogs. Treat an animal with love and get the same in return. Simply be mindful of situations and apply control. Not unlike having a child really !

Second Time, Just As Fine

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For the 2nd time in 5 years, Gary Ablett Jr has walked away with AFL’s highest honour, the Brownlow Medal.

He joins only a handful of players who have won the award more than once and is one of only 5 players to have done it at different clubs (Geelong and Gold Coast).

Ablett polled just ahead of ex-teammate Joel Selwood and Dane Swan. Port Adelaide’s skipper Travis Boak did the SA teams proud with 13 votes as did his 2IC Brad Ebert with 11 votes. Hopefully, as PAFC moves to Adelaide Oval next year, their form momentum might see one of their stars rise to medal contention.

Staff on the Upward Staircase

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One staff member to recently be promoted is Jarrad Semmens. Jarrad was one of our ‘techys’ but after being asked to help out for an injured staff member in the purchasing part of the business, he has been promoted to Procurement Officer and now gets to spend all of Leko and Menk’s money on cool equipment & gadgets that we need for more spectacular shows.

When asked about his recent rise on the corporate ladder, Jarrad quipped “too busy to chat now mate”.

Congratulations Jarrad!

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