3D Diamonds go national with Novatech

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Netball’s Constellation Cup pits traditional rivals Australia and New Zealand against each other in a test match format. Played in matches on both sides of the Tasman, 2014 saw the Australian Diamonds deliver a whitewashing of the Silver Ferns with four wins to zero. Helping our Diamonds get revved up for the games in Melbourne’s Hisense Arena on the 8th of October and Sydney’s Allphones Arena on the 11th were elaborate projected visuals on the court backed up by audio and lighting, all from Novatech.

Three and half minutes of customised 3D content was created in-house at Novatech as a curtain-raiser for the game, tailored to the exact national broadcast camera shot, providing viewers watching at home with an elaborate projection mapped 3D illusion completely covering the 30.5m x 15.25m court. Two d34U v2.5 servers fed eight Barco FLM-HD20 projectors rigged with short-throw lenses, rigged just 12 metres above the court. Even though the lenses needed to be focussed manually, the crew had the entire rig in place, focussed, blended and ready to fire up the audience in under two hours.

A full L-Acoustics PA system backed up the amazing visuals, with six separate hangs consisting of six elements each of the new K2 line array, the first job this world-leading speaker system was deployed on since its arrival at Novatech. Amplifiers powering the system were flown next to the speakers at each end of the court, their signal sent to them via fibre optic cable on an Optocore system, and were controlled digitally via Network Manager software from a remote PC.

Lighting were tasked with creating atmosphere during the pre-game events and keeping the crowd entertained during the broadcast commercial breaks. 12 Vari-Lite VL3500 Spots lit the players as they entered the court and highlighted performers Samantha Jade and Dami Im as they sang the national anthem. 32 units of GLP Impression X4s provided a huge range of beam and wash effects courtesy of their 19 individually controllable LEDs, while 20 SGM X5 strobes and eight Clay Paky Sharpies completed the rig. Lighting control was via a grandMA2 Light console.

Courtside, 85 panels of Vuepix P10 LED panels were used for digital signage, fitted with custom brackets ensuring the images displayed correctly to broadcast. Novatech also supplied control and playback for all video within the venues, a camera and operator for vox pops and managed the event’s Twitter fall. All the gear, excluding the projection equipment, went on to the Canberra and Bendigo legs of the series, keeping seven crew on the road for the capital city tests and five for the regional legs in two 48 foot pantechs.

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d3, Powering Premier Events!

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In September, 2012 Novatech Creative Event Technology “rolled out” Australia’s first d3 system. Since then the team at Novatech have been busy working on several major events utilising this technology.

Starting off 2013 in late January with the d3 Roadshow, Managing Director Leko Novakovic, d3 Project Manager Jayden Sutherland and I.T. Manager Jacob Thomas travelled to Melbourne & Sydney to meet several eager heavy weights of the industry. With support from experienced d3 trainer Nils Pormann of Dandelion & Burdock and Shannon Harvey of d3, these sessions showcased the technology behind d3 and gave show designers and technicians the opportunity to see the benefits of d3 first hand.

Moving into February, Novatech embarked on a busy period with d3 making an appearance on several high profile events. Starting in Melbourne with the launch of the VF Commodore at Melbourne’s Docklands Studios, d3 was used to create a semicircular projection that was used as a massive backdrop for the reveal stage. With a 40m wide cyclorama hung on a custom semicircular truss rig, the projection surface would have been a daunting challenge that most systems would struggle to map but the d3 4U servers handled the task with relative ease creating a seamless projection with amazing results.

Next on the agenda for the team at Novatech was a prestigious event held much closer to Home - the launch of the new state brand for South Australia on behalf of Kojo Events. This time the canvas was the exterior of the iconic Adelaide Festival Centre, as seen from Elder Park. With an extremely tight time frame made even tighter by un-expected delays on site the dedicated team had just one night to install and line up both the d3 systems and projection. Without the power and functionality of d3, the tight delivery time of this major event would not have been achievable. Four consecutive nights of shows saw the d3 system run without a glitch, showcasing its reliability.

Following on from the success of the South Australian state brand launch, Novatech teamed up with Dandelion & Burdock to provide pre-visualisation facilities and replay hardware to Production Technologies of Sydney for the launch of the new Samsung Smart TV range. With content equivalent to over eight Full HD videos per machine streaming to seven individual outputs of both projection and LED, this was certainly a assive undertaking. The unique understudy system incorporated into d3 was tested during rehearsals by simulating a crash on the main playback machine. The understudy took over immediately, switching the Lightware router and taking over control of the show without a single frame drop. Combined with the spectacular graphics designed by Spinifex Group, the event wowed the audience at each show and left the client very impressed.

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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 85th Annual Scientific Congress

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The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons held its Annual Scientific Congress in Auckland last week. The congress involved over 2,000 delegates; spanning 22 rooms; 3 city blocks; with a total of over 700 presentations in just 5 days. Kojo Events, the preffered technical production providor, engaged Novatech to design, commission, and manage a custom presentation management system able to cope with the preparation, playback, recording, editing, and webcasting each presentation.

Over the past number of months the Novatech team has designed and built a system that is capable of handling up to 30 simultaneous rooms for both live and record environments. The in-room systems have been carefully designed to provide an easy to use and cutting edge system, allowing for any operator to successfully operate. Each system is identical and uses industry standard components.

In addition to the in-room requirements Novatech has acquired a fleet of back of house equipment to expand the capabilities of the system. High performance HP Z800 render workstations and Dell Poweredge servers handle all of the recorded content. Speaker support and preparation terminals have been selected to streamline the handling of presentaitons en mass.

Novatech provided 14 custom ePosters setups, allowing delegates to view a series of research posters for each surgical discipline. This content was live updating as surgeons submitted these to our speaker support team.

Working closely with the Kojo Events team headed up by Andrew Ely, the event’s Executive Producer, a solution was crafted to provide effective and robust management of the enormous conference while being able to maintain a 100% delivery of services. With very little time, the Novatech team of 8 staff were able to build and prep the entire event over just 2 days.

Novatech’s webcast team provided an automated workflow process and offered advanced video editing techniques providing a high quality recording ready for webcast in a time and cost effective manner. Sessions were processed as they finished in each room and after the congress concluded on the Friday every presentation was online ready for viewing 25 minutes later.

With a keen eye on forward planning and flexibility a completely digital system has been developed allowing for stage monitoring of presenter notes, remote management of audio and video record levels, laptops to be provided by presenters at either the stage or ops location and a choice of either wired or wireless presentation control.

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KI Seafood Feastival

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As a major sponsor for the second Kangaroo Island Feastival, Novatech worked with Nick Hannford from LifeTime Private Retreats to provide the technical production for the annual event held at various locations on Kangaroo Island including the historic Kingscote Wharf.

The first of 3 major events of the festival kicked off on Friday night which saw celebrity chef George Calombaris cooking up a feast using local Kangaroo Island produce in a marquee located at the Kingscote Wharf for the Sealink Launch Party. Novatech lit the ceiling of the marquee with LED lights and provided Plasma screens and a compact PA system through the area. A group of locals entertained the crowds with some party tunes later in the night that got everyone up and dancing.

Saturday was the Novatech & Adelaide Film Festival Dinner showcasing the best of Australian short films. Held in one of the original buildings at the wharf, Novatech supplied a big screen to watch the films on. Once again food was prepared using as much local produce as possible, this time by Australia’s leading native food chef, Andrew Fielke. Diners were guided through the evening by The Adelaide Film Festivals Director Amanda Duthie and the dishes were designed to complement and highlight the films being played.

The weekend wrapped up on the Sunday with the main event. Two Marquees and external markets set up by local businesses showing visitors the best of local produce. The highlight of the day being the cook off looking for Kangaroo Islands signature dish judged by Maggie Beer, Andrew Fielke and Manuela Darling-Gansser. Novatech supplied plasma screens and a discreet PA to keep all the onlookers involved in the competition. A Go-Pro camera was hung above the competitors giving both the judges and the public a birds-eye view of the action.

The weekend ended with Melbourne band Buddha in a chocolate box cranking out the party tunes till sunset!

SA State Brand Launch

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South Australia launched a bold new brand for the state on Wednesday the 6th of March in the iconic Elder Park. Novatech was bought in to provide full audio visual services for the media launch event held in the park itself as well as provide the technical equipment required for the special reveal on the sails of the Festival Theatre.

Kojo Events managed the launch and worked closely with Novatech to ensure that the event was world class. For the official media launch a pavilion was built in the middle of Elder Park with a viewing platform facing the festival theatre. Utilising L’Acoustics 112P Speakers and 8XT for delays the audio was crystal clear throughout the venue. A Barco RLM-W8 projector was used for its high resolution output and accurate colour reproduction. This ensured that the new brand was shown the way it was designed to be seen. An LED video screen was utilised in the park for general public to view the event. This was run off a discreet output from a Panasonic AV-HS410 digital mixer. The conclusion of the event invited the gathered media and dignitaries to move to the viewing platform for the major reveal.

The reveal featured a full motion video created by some of South Australia’s best content designers projected directly on to the iconic Festival Theatre roof culminating in the unfolding of the new SA State Brand Logo. Designing a show for such a complicated projection and build was an intensive process, combining Kojo Productions designing the content, Kojo Events managing the extensive process, Novatech Creative Event Technology providing the hardware and projection design, and Nils Porrmann from Dandelion-Burdock designing the d3 project and assisting with content design. The event had a reasonably short lead time and a few challenges to overcome!

The projection surface included a number of faces of the Festival Theatre roof facing Elder Park, with a total canvas size in excess of 50m in wide. A further challenge was the only suitable projection point being over 18m above ground level! Novatech provided a 20m temporary scaffolding tower to support the 9 Barco HD-20 projectors necessary to cover the surface. The 9 HD-20’s were supported by 3 d3 4RU servers driving the content out of 5 individual full high definition outputs. All up with the projectors, d3 servers and cabling nearly 2 tonne of weight had to be hoisted to the top of the scaffold tower! Offcourse a spectacular video requires a moving musical score. To ensure the sound was as immersive as the video a single stack of 6 L-Acoustics KUDO speakers running in full range mode were installed on the grass in front of the Theatre. This system provided more than enough reinforcement to wow the audience.

Due to the challenging conditions and strict deadlines Novatech’s team of experts were able to build the entire revel system, align all projectors, map d3, and have the show ready in one night!

The entire reveal sequence lasted only five minutes but the audience was thoroughly impressed with the dynamic and edgy composition. This presentation was featured three times a night over five days, attracting a large amount of media attention.

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Premium Wine Brands

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PIM Group and Novatech team up for the Premium Wine Brands annual conference

PIM Group and Novatech up once again to produce another world class event. PIM Group and Novatech Creative Event Technology worked closely together to come up with a concept for Premium Wine Brands international conference to be held in the Barossa Valley. The brief was to build a screen that engulfs the audience.

To fulfil this brief Novatech’s d3 system was used for pre-visualisation and media server duties in the build up to the event and as the media server and projection mapper. Using 6 projectors and a screen measuring over 45 meters wide Novatech was able to create an immersive image that was twice the width, 3 times as bright and 4 times the resolution of a standard cinema screen. 

Leko Novakovic, managing director of Novatech, said “We were told that it couldn’t be done. Rigging 6 projectors from a pavilion and blending them together while battling winds and the settling of the structure into the ground made it a challenging task. At the end of the week when John Stevens played his last song we had achieved what was supposed to be impossible.”

To make the conference part of the event more engaging a custom built white news desk for that talk show like feel was integrated into the set. Discreet sound reinforcement, lighting, a videographer, speaker support staff and video production were also supplied.

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Novatech Symphony of Light

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The Novatech Symphony of Light at the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show was a resounding success. With well over 100 people at the first show Novatech made the decision to double the number of viewings a day from 11 to 22. Over the two weeks of the Show the performance had been ran over 280 times and was viewed more than 50,000 people.

Novatech Symphony of Light was a spectacular orchestra of light perfectly synchronized to iconic classical concertos. Two of our experienced lighting designers chose one song each to create spectacular and contrasting effects for. Boasting 82 individual lighting fixtures consisting of 42 GLP Impressions, 33 1m LED Tubes, 16 Litecraft LED Multipars and 8 Vari*Lite VL3500Q’s controlled from a GrandMA2 lighting console. The 4000 plus cues were programmed in house at Novatech’s Underdale facility using GrandMA 3d over several months.

The Royal Adelaide Show’s new technology pavilion was the perfect place to showcase this exciting new concept and Novatech is looking forward to the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show to bring another spectacle to the general public.

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Australia Day in the City 2012

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Australia Day 2012 saw 30,000+ revelers celebrating in the heart of Adelaide at the annual Australia Day in the City event presented by Adelaide City Council and the Australia Day Council of SA. This years celebrations were topped off by a free public concert featuring Aussie pop stars Stan Walker and Ricki-Lee.

We constructed our 12x9x8m CLS ground support stage with an out-rigged arch for a 6m VuePix LED screen. Our new L’Acoustics LARAK driven KARA line array and SB18 subwoofers provided for brilliant sound with our Avid VENUE Profile system at front of house. The stage sends were mixed on our Yamaha M7 console.

The lighting rig included a mixture of Martin MAC700s, GLP Impression 90 LED washes, Chromlech Jarags as well as Kupo par cans and Selecon fresnels. Haze was created using 2 Base Hazer Pros. Lighting was controlled using our Road Hog Full Boar lighting console.

Novatech also directed the live video of the event supplying the production crew and equipment. The digital system consisted of Sony broadcast cameras controlled by CCU as well as a Sony BRC300 robotic camera. Switching was via a Sony DFS300. A Sound Devices Pix240 was utilized for capture. Signal was sent to the LED screen across 50m of fiber optic cable.

See more photos from the event on the Australia Day Council of SA’s Facebook page:

NYE 2011

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New Years Eve was a busy night for Novatech with 3 major pubic events on to welcome in 2012.

The Adelaide City Council presented their annual fireworks and concert in Elder Park with a bit of a difference this year. The iconic rotunda became the center point of the evening’s festivities with the main stage being constructed around it. Our CLS ground support system framed it all beautifully and an array of lighting fixtures ensured the historic rotunda brightly saw in the New Year.

Down at Glenelg families were treated to a concert from legendary children’s entertainer Peter Comb who with his live band performed all his hits from ‘Juicy Juciy Green Grass’ to ‘Mr Clickety Cane’. Fireworks from the Jetty lit up the sky at midnight struck.

This New Years Eve also saw the addition of the Summadayze music festival, which usually takes place on New Years Day. Thousands of revelers began partying mid afternoon as four stages played host to artist such as Snoop Dogg, Moby, Pendulum and Grandmaster Flash. Novatech provided sound, lighting and video for the whole site.

Around 60 staff, 10 trucks, a couple of semi trailers and about 5 hours ensured all the gear was back an Novatech by early morning giving everyone a pretty relaxed New Years Day.

See more photos from NYE 2011 on our Facebook page:

Carols By Candlelight 2011

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Even with one of the wettest December days on record, the 2011 Carols by Candlelight in Elder Park couldn’t be dampened. Hosted by local media personalities, this festive event featured a spectacular fireworks display, a visit from Father Christmas and a performance by Rhonda Birchmore.

The event took place under a new stage roof supplied by JP Entertainment.  This structure allowed Novatech to install an elaborate lighting system and re-design the stage to incorporate our 9m high white chiffon drapes, a tiered choir platform and the orchestra.

Our chiffon was lit using ColorBlaze LED Strips as well as gobo projection from Martin Mac2000s. The full lighting rig included 30 MAC2000s as well MAC700s, Robert Juliat 2000w fresnels and GLP Impression 90s. Control was from a GrandMA. Novatech’s Avid VENUE Profile was chosen as the FOH console and a Yamaha M7 was used for monitors. The PA was 12 a side L’Acousitcs KUDO. Video was produced by Television Agency South Australia and was routed to Novatech’s LED screen via a Barco Encore Presentation System.

Sponsoring partner RAA, enlisted Novatech to provide a solution to run a live Twitter and Facebook feed on the screens during the event. The audience was able to post photos of themselves at the event and see them up on the big screens.

Sensational 2011 Fashion

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Vibrant colours and textured prints in clean cut tailored designs were the stand out pieces at the recent ASMF George Gross & Harry Who’s sensational 2011 Spring/Summer Collections show, at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Novatech Creative Event Technology provide the lighting, video and audio production for the event. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation (ASMF) over many years and as always, guests at this year’s event were treated to a night jam-packed with delicious food, wine and entertainment.

Funds raised on the night went to the ASMF Blanket Appeal, which purchase blankets for the homeless in South Australia.

Australia Day Celebrations 2011

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The lead up to Australia day is a very busy time at Novatech. This year we worked with the Australia Day Council of South Australia supplying audio, visual and lighting production for a number of official Australia Day Celebrations, including the Australia Day Luncheon at Town Hall. Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke to a captivated audience about mateship, a fair go and the Aussie spirit in the wake of the Queensland floods.

Following the Australia Day parade through the city, Novatech was enlisted to provide production for the “Australia Day in the City” concert in Elder Park. We joined a reported 30,000 fellow Adelaidians to celebrate what’s great about living in such diverse and multicultural country with special guests Jessica Mauboy and Kisschasy and a massive fireworks display.

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