Avitech Sequoia Multiviewer

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During winter 2012, Novatech Creative Event Technology took delivery of three d3 Technologies 4RU servers. These revolutionary servers combine all aspects of a production and allow for the delivery of large scale projections. The integrated production suite has assisted Novatech to deliver key events including the South Australian rebranding, Holden VF Commodore launch, Samsung’s Smart TV launch and the Australian Hotel Association’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Novatech’s Research & Development team, led by Milenko Novakovic (Technical Director), designed custom cases, each fitted with custom patch panels, and a selection of adaptors and products. EDID Parrots, binoculars, and converters were all selected to compliment a Full HD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headphones. LightWare was chosen to supply a 33x33 matrix, providing fully integrated and automated switching for complete system redundancy.

The d3 systems required a large space for setup at each event, with the four racks being supported in either a 2x2 configuration or by lining each rack up next to each other. As each computer required a keyboard, mouse and monitor the rig became expansive a less than ideal situation for cable runs and remedying any issues mid show. Our d3 operators, wanting to find a better way, found Avitech’s Sequoia Multiviewer. The Sequoia 4H allows for a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard to control four computers. There are a lot of Multiviewer solutions in the marketplace but the ease of use and feature base make it the best in its class.

The four way viewer has a number of different views, each with their own benefits. With the grid view it is possible to actively monitor each input and have full control over audio/keyboard/mouse in each workstation. This provides our operator with a holistic view of the production and increases response times to mission critical application functions, while at the same time providing a monitor from the LightWare matrix. The ability to monitor an entire operation but still have granular control to each item has made it possible for our team to produce a better end result without unnecessary expenditure.

d3 allows an operator to work via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and make real time projection modifications via a “mobile master”. This mobile master facilitates multiple technicians working on the same end result from multiple locations simultaneously. Avitech’s Hook software makes it possible for the entire network of servers to be modified from this remote location. The remote management alone saves many hours of work, hours that are often time sensitive and limited.

Avitech Multiviewer Key Features:

• Supports touchscreen functionality for custom GUI
• Communication cascade multiple Sequoia Solo units to manage all inputs with a single mouse and keyboard set for simple control of multiple systems
• Automatically detects computer or video source for intuitive operation
• Avitech Hook Software allows users to conveniently control monitoring interface layout with a laptop
• Freely adjustable windows with full screen capability for custom monitoring
• Compatible with USB and PS/2 based computers
• Automatic output monitor resolution detection
• USB hub supports portable USB devices
• HDCP compliant
• Plug-and-play for easy setup; automatic sensing of input signals for ?exible, straightforward integration
• Customizable background picture

Avitech Multiviewer Audio/Visual Control:

• Picture-in-Picture (PiP) overlay display
• Image overlay fader control
• Video loss detection/alarm
• Automatic or manual image adjustment
• Image cropping and panning
• HDMI audio output
• Embedded speakers/earphone
• Supports analog and embedded audio
• Audio delay ?ne adjustment to ensure lip sync
• User con?gurable audio follow video/image (AFV) or break-away switching

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