Conference Management

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In-Room System
The In-Room system consists of a number of different pieces of technology that have been coupled together to create a streamlined ecosystem for presentation management. A pair of desktops drive the content, based around the CAPSTAN system. These computers output through a KVM switch that controls both primary and secondary monitor outputs plus switches the audio sources. There is provisioning for an Apple based laptop at the control point or a laptop from stage. All devices have network connectivity provided through the venues IT infrastructure, with a network switch in the rack distributing this internally. The operator monitors are loomed in such a way that the monitors can be up to 4m away from the rack. There is a fold back screen on stage that will always show the presenter notes of whichever computer has been selected. The recorder will automatically record exactly what is shown on the in-room screen, along with audio sourced from the in-room audio control position. PowerPoint control will be provided via a DSAN mini box, a unit that is capable of hardwired control. Each room will be equipped with a green laser pointer, allowing for annotating the in-room screen.

Speaker Support
Speaker support workstations are to be configured in such a way that the presenter is comfortable with the presentations look and its functionality in the room. This is achieved by having dual 22 screens at the speaker support area, allowing for the presenter notes and the PowerPoint to be viewed simultaneously. The workstations are also going to be configured identically to the in-room computers. This will ensure there is consistency between the rooms and the speaker support, what works in one will work in the other.

Back of House Environment
The Back of House environment consists of a number of computers, all of which have access to both the internet and the private internal network. There will be a pair of video editing workstations, both high end units that are capable of rendering out large files at above real-time speeds. There is a storage server where the pending video files will be stored, along with all rendered files for backup purposes. Ten 27 iMacs are being taken to use as workstations for key crew members, who all need access to a workstation that is identical to the units in the rooms. Greg Rogers from Kojo Events is bringing a number of Mac Mini servers, capable of running the Capstan system. Printers and wireless access points will also be scattered throughout the speaker support centre for the use of staff only.

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