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Novatech’s extensive truss inventory, which is in excess of five kilometres in total length, allows for standard event rigging solutions and custom, integrated and moving rigging designs.

Whether this is flying things through the air, or supporting giant speaker towers, we have the ability to create and build custom structures, drawing on our design technicians and set-up crew to safely build and create magic in the air.

Our extensive inventory of chain motors, slings, shackles and control equipment means we can set up multiple events and leave our equipment in position to minimise unnecessary labour and other operating costs.

Variable speed motor control systems and DMX controlled winch systems offer versatility and flexibility with a unique approach to event design, which has become our hallmark.

A snapshot of currently stocked brands includes:

  • Concert Lighting Systems
  • Stage Maker
  • Element Rigging
  • CM Lodestar
  • Slick Truss
  • Tomcat
  • Kinesys
  • Wahlberg
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